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Praising God’s Love - In the memoryof rev. Pavel Florensky

Praising God’s Love - In the memoryof rev. Pavel Florensky-Choir-Sacred Music
ID: IMLCD065 (EAN: 4607053330656)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2002
Sacred Music
Male Choir of the Valaam Institute for Choral Art
Chef d'orchestre:
1. Begin now, oh brothers2:23 
2. Get rid of existing shortcomings of fatherly estate2:06 
3. Today judas leaves the Lord3:20 
4. Cover by the light as chasuble3:13 
5. The wise thief1:53 
6. From my youth4:19 
7. Whenever I grieve2:02 
8. You kept Zion's captives safe from the deception1:04 
9. By the Holy Spirit0:43 
10. Blessed be every day and every hour4:11 
11. The Mother of Christ is a help to helpless1:43 
12. In peace with the holy souls2:15 
13. Eternal memory4:59 
14. The cross will be risen today1:45 
15. Encourage the Christian Church3:52 
16. The Holy Cross is a protector of all Universe1:26 
17. Heirmoses of the 8th and 9th Virgin's canon, tone 42:25 
18. Oh, Mother of God, Thy sweet voice2:31 
19. Higher than the Heavens5:44 
20. Russian Church rejoices happily today2:20 
21. Today the Russian Newlymartyrs appear in white vestments1:34 
22. In thee rejoiceth every creature3:33 
23. Praising God's Love6:35 
24. Rejoice your soul in the Lord2:35 
25. Lieven up, Russia!2:37 


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