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Carmina de morte - Labyrinthus Ensemble

Carmina de morte - Labyrinthus Ensemble-Voice and Ensemble-Early Music
ID: SKMR116-BM (EAN: 4620001591381)  | 1 CD | DDD
Sketis Music
Early Music
Voice and Ensemble
Dal informace:

Russian ensemble «Labyrinthus» was founded in 2010 and specializes in medieval and early music XII-XIV centuries. Name of the group associated with the tradition of medieval labyrinths in the process which is likely to use special para-liturgical music, which is the basis of their repertoire.
The program is based on the music album of the Catholic monasteries and Conductus. It laments, dance and thoughts about death of authors XII-XIII centuries. Refined Conductus and roundels of the ancient medieval manuscripts hear the accompaniment of great historical instruments.

Witte Maria Weber (Witte Maria Weber) - Vocals (1)
Anna Miklashevich - vocals (2)
Danil Rjabchikov - cytological (3)
Maria Golubeva - Vielha (4)
Anna Vasilieva, Ekaterina Maslakova Martha Semenova - a choir (5)

Classical early music medieval universalia in re world folk rock hang drum throat singing traditional ethno world music Russian Federation
1. Breves dies hominis3:14 
2. Ecce torpet probitas5:08 
3. O labilis sortis8:00 
4. Scribere proposui4:28 
5. Nota in quinto modo1:54 
6. Clangam filii4:28 
7. Christus patris gratie2:10 
8. Eclipsim pattitur7:01 
9. Pange melos lacrimosum5:50 
10. In nova fert animus2:58 
11. Nota in primo modo2:18 
12. Si Deus est animus2:52 
13. Eclypsim passus totiens2:14 
14. Ecce mundus moritur1:16 
15. A sinu patris mittitur1:16 
16. Ductia2:12 


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