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FolkBeat RF - In mixt

FolkBeat RF - In mixt-Ethno-Throat Singing
ID: SKMR117 (EAN: 4620001591404)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2015
Sketis Music
Throat Singing
IVANOVA, Svetlana | MINULINA, Alyona | SHESTOPALOVA, Svetlana | ZIBROVA, Maria
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Electronic world beatbox folk rock hang drum throat singing traditional ethno traditional russian songs world music Russian Federation

FolkBeat RF is the experimental music project from Moscow. With such a responsive and clever ethnographic approach 4 young girls actualize russian traditional folk songs combining them with the pop-music timbral and rhythmical idioms (with the beatbox technique and loop station) including hip-hop, drum'n'bass, jungle & punk rock. In the album «IN MIXT» are presented folk songs from different regions of Russia and the songs written by the group FolkBeat RF.

FolkBeat RF - это традиционное славянское многоголосие, окруженное электронной аранжировкой, близкой к стилям IDM, trip-hop, dubstep, hip-hop, trance, и живым грувом, который создает Beatbox. В альбоме «IN MIXT» представлены песни разных времен и разных регионов России, древние и современные, фольклорные и авторские произведения группы FolkBeat RF.

released December 9, 2014

Svetlana Ivanova (vocals)
Maria Zibrova (vocals)
Svetlana Shestopalova (vocals)
Alyona Minulina (vocals, beatbox, arrangement)
1. Song #13:19 
2. Nut-Tree5:44 
3. Rain2:39 
4. Farewell with a star4:55 
5. I'm marching on my own3:14 
6. Black crown3:09 
7. Silence3:21 
8. Stallion3:58 
9. In the garden2:34 
10. Chance3:59 


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