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O Marvellous Wonder - Vocal School Choir - Ludmila Arshavskaya, conductor

O Marvellous Wonder - Vocal School Choir - Ludmila Arshavskaya,  conductor -Choir-Russe musique spirituel
ID: RCD15022 (EAN: 4600383150222)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 1997
Russian Compact Disc
Russe musique spirituel
Vocal School Choir
Chef d'orchestre:
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It is sung in Old Slavonic Language.

Vocal School choir Conducted and Directed by Ludmila Arshavskaya / Orthodox Church as practised at the Novodevitchy Nunnery / Sound director Andrey Semyonov
1. Unto the Birth-Giver of God (Troparion for Smolensk Icon of Mother of God, Greek Chant, 17th century)1:26
2. Bless the Lord O My Soul (Greek Chant)2:46
3. Blessed is the Man (Chant of Potchayevskaya Lavra)4:16
4. O Marvellous Wonder (Stichera for Repose of Virgin, Kievan Chant)1:38
5. O Joyous Light (Kievan Chant)2:00
6. Let Us O Lord (Kievan Chant)2:23
7. Augmented Litany (Bulgarian Chant)5:24
8. Now Lettest Thou Depart (Kievan Chant)2:10
9. Hail. O Virgin, Birth-Giver of God (Greek Chant)2:22
10. O Praise Our Lord (Kievan Chant)2:33
11. From My Youngest Days (Greek Chant)1:33
12. My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord (Ordinary Chant)4:40
13. Great Doxology (Kievan Chant)5:37
14. Thanksgiving to the Mother of God (Greek Chant)1:42
15. In Thy Kingdom (Greek Chant)2:52
16. Trisagion (Greek Chant)1:50
17. Cherubic Hymn (Old Chant)5:16
18. Symbol of Faith (Kievan Chant)3:45
19. Mercy of Peace (Kievan Chant)7:09
20. We Hymn Thee (Kievan Chant)2:48
21. It Is Meet (Chant silimar to glas 2 of Optina Pustyn Monastery)1:29
22. Russian Land (Stichera for Week of All Russian Saints similar to tradition of Kiev - Petchora Lavra)2:55


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