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Chechen Music: Anthology of Folk Music. Spirit of folk

Chechen Music: Anthology of Folk Music. Spirit of folk-Viola and Piano-Folk Music
ID: MELCD3001641 (EAN: 4600317116416)  | 1 CD | ADD
Ausgefolgt: 2009
Folk Music
Andere Infos:

This compact disc presents some of the most popular genres of Chechen folk music in performance by well-known masters, such as the celebrated singers, (Vokkhachu stegan illi (Song of the Old Man) or Sedarchiyn bu’ysa (Starry Night)), Said Shaipov (Ditslur dats (I will not forget)), by the legend of the Chechen stage - Mariam Aidamirova (Yo’Ian dagaletsamash (Remembrances of a Girl)), or singer and instrumental performer Valid Daghaev (Lechanan illi (Song of the Falcon)), some instrumental compositions performed by Umar Dimayev (Beni-Yurtan khelkharan yish (Dance from Beni-Yurt), Khaza-yoI (Beautiful Girl)).
These remastered recordings were originally made in 1968-1980.
1. Bakkhiychu nehan helhar (Tanets starikov)3:17 
2. Lechanan illi (Pesnya sokola)5:17 
3. Vokkhachu stegan illi (Pesnya starika)2:13 
4. Shovdan yistteh' (U rodnika)2:58 
5. Nana (Mama)2:02 
6. Malika3:01 
7. Ditslur dats (Ne zabudu)1:40 
8. Yoian dagaletsamash (Vospominaniya devushki)4:06 
9. Nohchiyn halk"an ladogiaran muk"am (Chechenskaya narodnaya melodiya dlya slushaniya)1:53 
10. Nohchiyn halk"an ladogiaran muk"am (Chechenskaya narodnaya melodiya dlya slushaniya)3:16 
11. Nohchiyn yoi (Chechenskaya devushka)2:14 
12. Muk"am (Melodiya)2:00 
13. Beni-Yurtan helharan yish (Beni-Yurtovskaya tantsevalnaya)3:41 
14. Bezaman yish (Pesnya o lyubvi)2:12 
15. Haza yoi (Krasivaya devushka)3:28 
16. Sedarchiyn buysa (Zvezdnaya noch)3:22 
17. Zabare helharan yish (Shutochnaya tantsevalnaya)2:22 
18. Shira helharan yish (Starinnaya chechenskaya lezginka)1:44 
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