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Confession - Chelsea Romance Vol. 1 - Marina Laslo, soprano and Victor Unukovsky, guitar

Confession - Chelsea Romance Vol. 1 - Marina Laslo, soprano and Victor Unukovsky, guitar-Voice and Guitar-Russian Romance
ID: CDMAN235-04  | 1 CD | ADD
Released in: 2005
Manchester Files
Russian Romance
Voice and Guitar
PETERBURGSKY, Jerzy | VERTINSKY, Alexander Nikolayevich
LASLO, Marina | UNUKOVSKY, Victor (guitar)
Other info:

Singing in Russian

Marina Laslo graduated from Saint-Petersburg conservatory lives and works in London. Thanks to its unique style combining jazz, blues, classic and pop music and beautiful soprano she is one of the most popular singer on the British Classical Chanel.

This album was created in the Chelsea and contains 12 marvelous romances written on the music of such famous Russian composers as Musorgskiy, Rimskiy-Korsakov, Glinka and Rachmaninov. The guitar arrangements and the beautiful voice of Marina accompanied with the string quartet make this album interesting for people of all ages and cultures.
VERTINSKY, Alexander Nikolayevich (1889-1957) 
1. The Smell of incense on your hands / Vashi pal'tsy pakhnut ladanom (Lyrics: A. Vertinsky)3:58 
2. I dreamt of a garden / Snilsya mne sad (Music: B. Borisov, lyrics: E. Dideriks)4:34 
3. We've become mere acquaintances / My tol'ko znakomy (Music: B. Prozorovsky, lyrics: L. Penkovsky)3:18 
PETERBURGSKY, Ezhi (1897-1979) 
4. The Weary sun / Utomlennoye solntse (Lyrics: I. Alvek)3:08 
5. Only once in a lifetime / Tol'ko raz (Lyrics: P. German)4:38 
6. Do not scold me, my darling / Ne brani menya rodnaya (Music: A. Dyubyuk, lyrics: A. Batashov)3:32 
7. Two roses / Dve rozy (Music: S. Pokrass, lyrics: D`Aktil)3:26 
8. Do not lie / Ne obmani (Music: A. Dyubyuk, lyrics: H. Heine)4:16 
9. Garden gate / Kalitka (Music: A. Obuhov, lyrics: A. Budishev )3:43 
10. Don't leave, stay with me / Ne ukhodi, pobud' so mnoyu (Music and lyrics: N. Zubov )2:53 
11. The Secret / Tayna (Music: V. Sidorov, lyrics: D`Aktil )3:49 
12. Way home / YA yekhala domoy (Music and lyrics: M. Puare)3:20 


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