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Balet VI. - Kata Musatová - 18 x 13 cm

Balet VI. - Kata Musatová  - 18 x 13 cm-Picture---- PAINTINGS ---
ID: KM015  | 1
Publi: 2012
MUSATOVÁ, Kata (painter)
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Painting on the reverse side of the glass

Oil, ink, metal foil for gold, 2012

Each artwork has a certificate signed by the author with his stamp.

Kata Musatová was born in Prague in 1961 in a family with a significant painter’s tradition which carries over to her great grandfather Alexey Jakovlevic Musatov, her grandfather Grigorij Musatov and her mother, world highly regarded painter Nora Musatová.

She studied at Vaclav Hollar‘s high school specializing in art and painting in Prague Academy of Fine Arts. She was guided by painter professor Karel Soucek.

She continued the unique 50-year mother's painting technique "painting from the reverse side of the glass" which is expanded with use of metal foil for gold and gold leaf that strengthens the brightness of paintings.

She receives inspiration from the love of the family, ballet, theater, music, and nature. Her interest in mysterious things is often reflected in her paintings. She loves using bright and unusual colors which symbolize light and pleasure from life. In "dance" paintings childhood memories are reflected when she was engaged in the ballet.

In 2009 Kata held a joint exhibition with her mother Nora Musatova in Prague which was highly successful.

Her paintings are in private collections in Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, England, and the USA.

Glass paintings from Kata Musatova

Paintings are performed in combined techniques - oil, ink, mosaic gold or metal foil from a reverse side of the glass.
The painter goes by memory by imposing dabs without seeing the painting image.
Errors aren't corrected, everything starts anew.
It is impossible to achieve full similarity in copies of the paintings, all paintings are individual
Paintings are unusual, they change color depending on the light.
With this technique fine details are brought into the paintings and only then the main background is carried out.
Images are painted in reverse order.
A completed painting is viewed from the unpainted side.
Paintings possess depth and if you look deep into them new elements can be seen, change in color and form.
This technique is very labor-consuming and unforeseen in fine image details.
Dabs of oil paint bring in unusual brightness and saturation when layered from the reverse side of glass. They are laid down in several layers creating depth, and feeling of compressed time at the same time.
Paintings are written in the mirror image, and for the viewer they look as usual.
It is very challenging for the painter.
Paintings are unusual, they change colors depending on light in the room, they generate internal light and warmth, it is hard to take your eye off them.

Author's Re-make:
The original painting has been sold, but you can order a re-make. Kata will paint a new artwork, similar to this one. The new painting will be 100% hand-made. You will own a painting on the reverse side of the glass.

On Order:
You are ordering a commissioned work. The Artist will make a similar Artwork for you.
The Artwork will be ready within 4-6 weeks after the cleared payment.

Price of the painting:
18x13 cm (metal foil for gold) - 340.00 EUR
18x13 cm (gold leaf) - 370.00 EUR
Regular shipping normally takes 10-15 business days. Faster delivery services are available for additional fee.
To order this Artwork, please contact us.

Info: info@russiancdshop.com

Copyright © Kata Musatova.

All rights of the owner of the artwork reserved. Any use of materials on this web site - including reproduction, modification, distribution, or republication - without the prior written permission of Kata Musatova is strictly prohibited.


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