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Händel: Organ Concertos Nos. 5, 6, 8, and 13 Vol. 2.- Daniel Chorzempa

Händel: Organ Concertos Nos. 5, 6, 8, and 13 Vol. 2.- Daniel Chorzempa -Organ
ID: PTC5186104 (EAN: 827949010460)  | 1 SACD | DDD/DSD
Vydano: 2002
HÄNDEL, Georg Friedrich
CHORZEMPA, Daniel (organ)
Concerto Amsterdam
Dal informace:

Multichannel Hybrid SACD - DSD
HÄNDEL, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759) 
Organ Concerto No.5 in F, Op.4 No.5 
1. Larghetto2:15 
2. Allegro2:27 
3. Alla siciliana1:37 
4. Presto2:18 
Organ Concerto No.6 in B flat, Op.4 No.6 
5. Andante allegro5:47 
6. Larghetto3:49 
7. Allegro moderato2:32 
Organ Concerto No.11in G minor, Op.7 No.5 
8. Allegro ma non troppo, e staccato2:56 
9. Adagio (from Sonata Op.1 No.1B)1:33 
10. Andante larghetto, e staccato5:15 
11. Menuet2:36 
Organ Concerto No.8 in A major, Op.7 No.2 
12. Overture2:33 
13. A tempo ordinario4:46 
14. Adagio (from Violin Sonata Op.1 No.3)0:57 
15. Allegro5:51 
Organ Concerto No.13 in F 
16. Larghetto - Allegro5:41 
17. Adagio (from Violin Sonata Op.1 No.14)1:56 
18. Allegro (from Violin Sonata Op.1 No.14)1:25 
19. Larghetto3:32 
20. Allegro3:09 


“The two discs of Handel organ concertos offer nine of the 16 published concertos: all six from op. 4, two from op.7 and the concerto in F, HWV 308. Daniel Chorzempa’s readings with Schröder and the period instrument Concerto Amsterdam were highly regarded when they were new and hold up 28 years down the road.”
---Andrew Quint, Fanfare (May/June 2003)

“Here I am treating the two volumes of the Handel Organ concertos as if they were one recording. There is absolutely no difference between the two recordings other than the musical selections. Recording quality is identical, conducting consistently fine and the artist's performance also consistently top notch. The organist is for most people the primary attraction in these delightful organ concertos. The traditional competitors for baroque organ playing honors are usually Simon Preston, Karl Richter and George Malcolm. E. Power Biggs is sometimes considered but is a bit controversial, though I did retain his performance of Handel's concertos when I downsized my collection of LPs. If memory serves, his set used an organ formerly used by Handel. In any event, as very ably demonstrated here, Daniel Chorzempa is easily the equal of any the aforementioned performing artists in my not so humble opinion.”
---Karl Lozier, Enjoy the Music.com


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