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Weihnachten - Christmas - Dresden Chamber Choir - Hans-Christoph Rademann

Weihnachten - Christmas - Dresden Chamber Choir - Hans-Christoph Rademann-Voices
ID: RK2201 (EAN: 4018767022018)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2002
BRAHMS, Johannes | DEMANTIUS, Johann Christoph | ECCARD, Johannes | FREUNDT, Cornelius | GUNDERMANN, Karsten | MANDYCZEWSKI, Eusebius | MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, Felix | PÄRT, Arvo | POULENC, Francis | PRAETORIUS, Michael | REGER, Max | RHEINBERGER, Josef Gabriel | RIEDEL, Karl | SCHÜTZ, Heinrich
KRAUSE, Uta (soprano)
Dresden Chamber Choir
RADEMANN, Hans-Christoph
Andere Infos:

„Dresden Chamber Choir “ (directed by Hans-Christoph Rademann)
The CD Weihnachten („Christmas“) by the „Dresden Chamber Choir “ (directed by Hans-Christoph Rademann) was introduced to the German market in 2002. It was very successful- after few weeks the CD was sold out and had to be re-released soon after. Hans- Christoph Rademann and the „Dresden Chamber Choir “ have chosen wonderful pieces around Christmas - very popular songs, unknown titles and a few contemporary pieces. The program tells us the Christmas story in musical kind - beginning at the Announcement to Maria until the Worship of the shepherds. The CD shows a wide ranging mix from early sacred music (Heinrich Schütz: Tröstet mein Volk) until romantic choral pieces of well-known Christmas songs (Max Reger: “Macht hoch die Tür”) - as well as some new compositions by Arvo Pärt, Karsten Gundermann and Jan Sandström. The Dresden singers keep always the balance between wide dynamic contrasts and sure intonation. In the last few years the Dresden Chamber Choir has received several international prizes. At the 5th International Chamber Choir Competition in Marktobersdorf in 1997, the choir was awarded the first prize and was officially judged to be “internationally outstanding”. The recordings have been made at St. Lucas church in Dresden in 2002


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