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Julian Dawes - Chamber Works

Julian Dawes - Chamber Works-Piano and Cello
ID: CC5004 (EAN: 5023581500429)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 2011
Omnibus Classics
Piano and Cello
DAWES, Julian
BACK, Gordon (piano) | JOHNSON, Emma (clarinet) | ROSEFIELD, Gemma (cello) | STIRLING, Stephen (french horn) | TRUSLER, Matthew (violin)
Dal informace:

The chamber works on this CD by Julian Dawes give a representative sample of a compelling selection from his uniquely wide-ranging and varied output,the continuing traditional English style of Elgar, Vaughan Williams and Finzi but with its own individual voice and orchestral sound.

Amongst his 20th century English influences are the pastoralism and extended tonality of Herbert Howells, the richness of Walton, the elegant delicacy of Berkeley and the jazzy impetus of Rodney Bennett; wider European influences include the caustic irony of Shostakovich and Kurt Weil, and the rhythmic impetus of Prokofiev and Stravinsky. Yet Dawes welds from these influences an individual voice that is both distinctive and refreshing, displaying assured craftsmanship and characterful invention. (Malcolm Miller 2008)
DAWES, Julian (b.1942) 
Sonata for Violin and Piano I. (M. Trusler,violin and G.Back, piano) 
1. I. Moderato4:53 
2. II. Larghetto5:06 
3. III. Allegro4:14 
Sonatina for French Horn and Piano II. (S.Stirling,french horn and G. Back,piano) 
4. I. Allegro Moderato4:51 
5. II. Largo5:16 
6. III. Allegro2:26 
7. Elegie for Violin and Piano (M. Trusler,violin and G. Back, piano)10:35 
Sonata for Cello and Piano (G. Rosefield, cello and G. Back, piano) 
8. I. Allegro4:44 
9. II. Molto Adagio4:52 
10. III. Allegro vivace2:47 
11. IV. Largo - Allegro moderato finale2:47 
Sonatina for Clarinet in B flat and Piano (E. Johnson, clarinet and G. Back, piano) 
12. I. Allegro3:31 
13. II. Lento3:25 
14. III. I. Allegro (with a jazz feel)2:29 


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