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The Ancient Question - a voyage throuth Jewish songs - Hil Plitmann, soprano

The Ancient Question - a voyage throuth Jewish songs - Hil Plitmann, soprano-Vocal and Piano-Jewish Music
ID: SIGCD276 (EAN: 635212027622)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 2011
Signum Records
Jewish Music
Vocal and Piano
FARBER, Sharon | HARLAP, Aharon | LAITMAN, Lori | PLITMANN, Hila | Traditional | WHITACRE, Eric
BLISS, Julian (clarinet) | BOWES, Thomas (violin) | GLYNN, Christopher (piano) | KALJUSTE, Andres (viola) | PLITMANN, Hila (soprano)
Dal informace:

The grammy-award winning artist Hila Plitmann is known worldwide for her astonishing musicianship, light and beautiful voice, and the ability to perform challenging new works.
On this disc she brings together a very personal programme that draws on her familial roots in Jewish culture and song; from traditional folk music (Five Yiddish Songs), to contemporary compositions (Bridges of Love, Tehilim and I Never Saw Another Butterfly). The disc also features the 'Five Hebrew Love Songs', with poetry by Plitmann set to music by the composer Eric Whitacre (her husband).
Five Yiddish Songs 
Trad. arr. PLITMANN, Hila (b.1973) 
1. I. Di Alte Kasche (The Ancient Question)1:14 
2. II. A Fidler (The Fiddler)1:04 
3. III. Unter A Kleyn Beymele (Under A Small Tree)2:33 
4. IV. Du Sollst Nit Geyn (You Shall Go With No Other, Girl!)1:21 
5. V. Rozhinkes mit Mandlen (Raisins and Almonds)2:36 
LAITMAN, Lori (b.1955) 
I Never Saw Another Butterfly (1996) 
6. I. The Butterfly5:49 
7. II. Yes, That's the Way Things Are4:16 
8. III. Birdsong2:06 
9. IV. The Garden2:19 
10. V. Man Proposes, God Disposes0:39 
11. VI. The Old House3:35 
HARLAP, Aharon (b.1941) 
Tehilim (Psalms) (2001) 
12. I. Psalm 122 "Samakhti Beomrim Li" (I was glad when they said to me)4:21 
13. II. Psalm 113 "Halleluyah" (Praise the Lord)2:38 
14. III. Psalm 43 "Shafteni Elohim" (Vindicate me, Lord)4:34 
WHITACRE, Eric (b. 1970) - music, PLITMANN, Hila (b.1973) - poetry 
Five Hebrew Love Songs (2001) 
15. I. Temuná (A picture)1:29 
16. II. Kalá kalá (Light bride)2:47 
17. III. Lárov (Mostly)0:48 
18. IV. Éyze shéleg (What snow!)2:08 
19. V. Rakút (Tenderness)2:14 
FARBER, Sharon (b. 1965) 
Bridges of Love (2009) 
20. I. For Wherever You Go I Will Go8:12 
21. II. Once I Knew7:33 
22. III. Wine of Love4:15 


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