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Venice in Mexico - Concertos by Facco and Vivaldi - The Mexican Baroque Orchestra - Miguel Lawrence, conducts

Venice in Mexico - Concertos by Facco and Vivaldi - The Mexican Baroque Orchestra - Miguel Lawrence, conducts-Viola and Piano-World Music
ID: DDA25091 (EAN: 809730509124)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2010
Divine Art
World Music
FACCO, Giacomo | VIVALDI, Antonio
ARMAS, Daniel | LAWRENCE, Miguel | ZOGBI, Manuel
The Mexican Baroque Orchestra
Other info:

Mexico after the Spanish arrived saw a great deal of European art and culture being imported, including music from the great centres such as Venice. Not having harpsichords to hand, it became usual to use local instruments, vihuela and guitarron, for continuo. This policy is used here, and the sharp clear sound of the strings with the rhythmic base gives these works a new impetus and vitality. The Vivaldi pieces are fairly well known but the fine concertos by Facco were only discovered relatively recently.

Soloists: Miguel Lawrence (sopranino recorder); Manuel Zogbi (vioin); Daniel Armas (psaltery)
FACCO, Giacomo (1676-1753) 
Concerto in E minor "Pensieri Adriarmonici" for violin, strings and continuo, Op. 1 No. 1. 
1. Allegro3:25 
2. Adagio2:27 
3. Allegro2:48 
Concerto in A major, "Pensieri Adriarmonici" for violin, strings and continuo, Op. 1 No. 5. 
4. Allegro2:56 
5. Grave3:03 
6. Allegro2:08 
VIVALDI, Antonio (1678-1741) 
Concerto in D major for strings, RV121. 
7. Allegro molto2:13 
8. Adagio1:22 
9. Allegro1:45 
Concerto in A minor, "L'estro Armoncio" for violin, Op. 3 No. 6. 
10. Allegro2:35 
11. Largo1:44 
12. Presto2:11 
Concerto in C major for sopranino recorder, RV443. 
13. Allegro3:31 
14. Largo3:33 
15. Allegro molto2:51 
Concerto in D minor for strings, RV127. 
16. Allegro1:35 
17. Largo0:58 
18. Allegro1:12 
Concerto in C major for psaltery, RV425. 
19. Allegro3:06 
20. Largo2:51 
21. Allegro2:31 
Concerto in A minor for sopranino recorder, RV445. 
22. Allegro4:16 
23. Largo2:00 
24. Allegro3:29 


“The two concerti by Facco are as attractive as many by Vivaldi and Corelli. Played with delicacy and fluency... delightful virtuosity. The soloists are excellent. Plenty to enjoy on this CD... a hint of how European music might have been interpreted in the New World in the 18 th century.” - Elizabeth Rees (The Consort)

“Based on these two concertos, Facco makes Vivaldi sound almost stale... so vigorous, so high-spirited and so infectious,,, the Mexican players and their performances on this disc are outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed this disc and recommend it” - Jerry Dubins (Fanfare)

“Mexican Baroque Orchestra doesn't need gimmicks. [They] carry the day with the verve and accuracy of their playing. The MBO”s enthusiasm for the pieces on this CD translates into a combination of melodic interest and rhythmic drive that makes the CD enjoyable throughout. The star of this CD is Miguel Lawrence playing recorder. Lawrence turns the recorder into something magical, a unique voice that it would be shameful to replace with a flute or piccolo. In short, [this] is a release of which Divine Art should be proud.” - Ed Barna (Rutland Herald)


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