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Chamber Works by Veale and Crawford - Turner - Merrick - The Adderbury Ensemble

Chamber Works by Veale and Crawford - Turner - Merrick - The  Adderbury Ensemble-Voices and Chamber Ensemble-Vocal Collection
ID: MSV28523 (EAN: 0809730852329)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2011
Vocal Collection
Voices and Chamber Ensemble
DIXON, Peter (cello) | JANES, Paul (piano) | MURRAY, Adrienne (mezzo-soprano) | OGDEN, Craig (guitar) | SALVAGE, Graham (bassoon) | SIMPSON, Richard (oboe) | TURNER, John (recorder) | WILLIAMSON, Richard (viola)
The Adderbury Ensemble
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Sonatina for Oboe and Piano; Three Songs to Poems by Robert Graves (mezzo soprano, recorder and piano); Four Songs (mezzo soprano and piano); Suite from ‘Degrees of Evidence’ (recorder, oboe and viola); Remember (mezzo soprano and piano); Two Stopfordian Impressions (recorder and piano); Sonata for Cello and Piano; Escapades (recorder, bassoon and piano); Walking Cimbrone (bassoon and piano); Harlequinade (recorder and guitar); Mrs Harris in Paris (treble recorder and piano)

This is the third CD in the new Metier series of contemporary lyrical British music - following MSV28520 Music by Veale and Crawford and MSV28522 Pipings and Bowings - Lyrical English Chamber Music by Hurd, Milford & Blackford.

As a further release in our exploration of lyrical English Chamber Music (following MSV28520 - Music by Veale and Crawford and MSV 28522 Pipings and Bowings - Music by Hurd Milford and Blackford) here we have a disc featuring some lovely pieces composed by David Dubery. Being largely self-taught he works in a traditional language preferring miniature to medium sized projects. His music is tonal, rooted in past traditions, and working with dancers and actors has ensured rhythm and movement play an integral part in its composition.
DUBERY, David (b. 1948) 
Sonatina for Oboe and Piano (1986) 
1. I. Allegro vivace (Richard Simpson, Paul Janes)1:34 
2. II. Moderato (Richard Simpson, Paul Janes, David Dubery)2:30 
3. III. Presto - meno mosso - tempo primo (Richard Simpson, Paul Janes)2:33 
Three Songs to Poems by Robert Graves for mezzo-soprano, recorder and piano (2001) 
4. No. 1, Under the1:43 
5. No. 2, I Will Write1:45 
6. No. 3, On Giving1:09 
Four Songs for Mezzo Soprano and Piano 
7. Another Spring2:31 
8. Sudden Light2:49 
9. Onyons1:21 
10. The Birds1:55 
Suite from Degrees of Evidence for recorder, oboe and viola (2004) 
11. Memory, Adagio molto calmo e sostenuto2:33 
12. Certainty, Vivace con moto ma non troppo1:11 
13. Possibility, Adagio grazioso2:28 
14. Absurdity, Poco pesante1:25 
15. Remember for Voice and Piano3:17 
Two Stopfordian Impressions for Recorder and Piano 
16. No. 1, Pinch Belly Park, Lento con Rubato3:53 
17. No. 2, The Glass Umbrella2:14 
Sonata for Cello and Piano (2006) 
18. I. Vivace3:29 
19. II. Lento3:22 
20. III. Energico - Lento - A tempo4:31 
Escapades for Recorder, Bassoon and Piano (2008-9) 
21. I. Moderato1:34 
22. II. Lento3:35 
23. III. Espressivo2:30 
24. IV. Poco agitato2:34 
25. Walking Cimbrone for Bassoon and Piano3:48 
Harlequinade for Recorder and Guitar 
26. I. Pantalone's Minuet3:42 
27. II. Colombina's Intrigue0:53 
28. III. Colombina's Romance4:08 
29. IV. Arlecchino3:52 
30. Mrs. Harris in Paris (Valse Temptation)3:45 


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