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Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart - Tawil - Kuzma - Hakim

Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart - Tawil - Kuzma - Hakim-Voice and Organ-Organ Collection
ID: SIGCD245 (EAN: 635212024522)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2011
Signum Records
Organ Collection
Voice and Organ
HAKIM, Naji (organ) | KUZMA, Jean-Philippe (violin) | TAWIL, Rima (soprano)
Quatuor de la Chapelle Royale
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Naji Hakim has established himself as a performer and composer whose works are indelibly tied to his Christian faith. Recognized with a papal medal for his activities, these pieces are drawn from the span of his compositional career, combining organ music with string quartet and solo soprano.
HAKIM, Naji (b. 1955) 
Paskeblomst for string quartet 
1. I. Hymne0:53 
2. II. Modéré1:35 
3. III. Tumultueux0:57 
4. IV. Véhément0:56 
5. V. Recueilli2:15 
6. VI. Gaiement1:14 
7. VII. Animé0:53 
8. VIII. Ardent1:56 
9. IX. Orné3:30 
10. X. Dansant4:52 
11. Magnificat for soprano and organ5:06 
Variations on Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern for violin and organ 
12. Largo2:03 
13. Larghetto2:57 
14. Allegro con spirito3:22 
15. Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart for soprano and organ2:39 
16. Capriccio for violin and organ8:11 
17. Amazing Grace for soprano and organ6:27 
18. Die Taube for soprano and string quartet6:42 


This is Signum’s third disc with Naji Hakim, following solo organ discs from Glenalmond college (SIGCD130) and the van den Heuvel organ of the Danish Radio Theatre (SIGCD222):

“… For all that one is used to Hakim’s coruscating brilliance, the sheer technical skill and white-hot intensity of the Hakim imagination in blending these dirge-like themes into music left this Scotsman duly open mouthed"
The Scotsman


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