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Mardi Brass: Something Borrowed... - works borrowed from borrowed works

Mardi Brass: Something Borrowed... - works borrowed from borrowed works-Quartet-Brass Collection
ID: LIR020 (EAN: 820237002024)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2009
London Independent Records
Brass Collection
ARAUJO, Pedro De | ARBAN, Jean-baptiste | BRITTEN, Benjamin | DOWLAND, John | EYCK, Jacob van | HESFORD, James | MAXWELL, Edward | RAVEL, Maurice | WARLOCK, Peter
Mardi Brass
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In the third CD of Mardi Brass’ epic four-CD journey from the Renaissance to the present day (Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue), the group presents a cornucopia of exciting original compositions, and imaginative arrangements by members of the group, each of which is a premiere recording.
Covering a wide range of musical styles, the unifying feature is that the composers
have borrowed thematic material - and inspiration - from one source and reinterpreted it using their own unique voices. Transcending mere arrangement or pastiche, the composers demonstrate the art of musical disguise and metamorphosis, seamlessly moulding and fusing material from one genre to another.
DOWLAND, John (1563-1626) / EYCK, Jacob van (1589-1657), arr. Woolf 
1. Lachrymae - Three Settings6:00 
ARAUJO, Pedro de (fl.1662-1705) 
2. Battalia5:10 
RAVEL, Maurice (1875-1937), arr Miller 
Mother Goose Suite, Three Movements 
3. Cakes and Ale4:19 
4. The Bitter Withy3:46 
5. Hankin Booby3:43 
BRITTEN, Benjamin (1913-1976), arr Hassan 
A Suite on English Folksongs, Three Movements 
6. Cakes and Ale2:40 
7. The Bitter Withy2:56 
8. Hankin Booby2:40 
WARLOCK, Peter (1894-1930), arr Boswell 
Capriol Suite 
9. Basse Dance1:22 
10. Pavane1:40 
11. Tordion1:07 
12. Bransles2:01 
13. Pieds en lair2:24 
14. Mattachins1:13 
HESFORD, James (b.1954) 
15. Something Borrowed7:51 
ARBAN, Jean-Baptiste (1825-1889), arr Woolf 
16. Variations sur Norma6:00 
MAXWELL, Edward (b. 1967) 
Spiky Airs 
17. Sharp Pointy AIr1:12 
18. Haydn Sleek2:21 
19. Tchaik Spiked1:44 


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