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Asia Blue - Fabio Forte -a chill out forte project

Asia Blue - Fabio Forte -a chill out forte project-Viola and Piano-World Music
ID: ARCD0801 (EAN: 657711080120)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2001
World Music
FORTE, Fabio (trombone)
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Italy, Asia, Lounge, Ambient, Trombone, Electronica

Asia Blue is the latest creation of Fabio Forte, the Italian trombonist, composer and arranger known throughout Europe and among cognoscenti in the US.

Personnel: Fabio Forte (trombone, programming); Keith Caputo (guitar); Roberto Lanzo (keyboards, programming). Audio Remixers: Fabio Forte; Roberto Lanzo. Recording information: First Floor Studio, Naples, Italy. Arranger: Fabio Forte. Personnel: Fabio Forte (trombone, programming); Caputo (guitar); R. Lanzo (keyboards, programming); Spiral (bass, programming). Producers: Fabio Forte, Marco De Falco, Roberto Lanzo, Davide Palumbo.

On Asia Blue, one hears the immediately-recognizable and typical sounds of Indian music which Forte innovatively crosses with European melodies and the sound inspired by classic jazz solos on Blue Note Records from its 50's and 60's heyday.
The music on Asia Blue is magical, suffusing instruments from different traditions into a carefully crafted universal beat that creates an atmosphere which stimulates the imagination, frees the mind and touches every soul.

This recording showcases Fabio Forte's harmonious sensibility and warmth in a context that melts current trends in Chill-Out, Acid Jazz and Electronica. It also establishes beyond doubt that
Fabio Forte is a world-class musical creative force in the field of progressive music.

Artwork By - Carlo Savona
Executive Producer - Matteo Silva

Produced, arranged and performed by Fabio Forte for First Floor Studio Naples. Recorded at First Floor Studio Naples.
1. Asia Blue4:17 
2. Tuvan Pink4:52 
3. Chillin' Out Taj4:14 
4. Shaman's Drive4:21 
5. Emerald Pool5:17 
6. My Heart, Your Highplanes3:51 
7. To Nini Red Sun3:50 
8. Shiva Cocktail4:10 
9. Uttar Baghya5:02 
10. Jungle Baba Mix4:47 


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