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Salvatore Sciarrino - Le voci sottovetro, Infinto nero

Salvatore Sciarrino - Le voci sottovetro, Infinto nero-Voices and Chamber Ensemble-Vocal Collection
ID: KAI0012022 (EAN: 7821241202212)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 1999
Vocal Collection
Voices and Chamber Ensemble
SCIARRINO, Salvatore
Ensemble Recherche
Dal informace:

(text by Salvatore Sciarrino after Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi)

Attracted by the borderline experiences and solitary forms of a gradually darkening Renaissance, these compositions by Salvatore Sciarrino revolve around three figures from the 16th century, all of whom lost control in the field of tension between feverish living and spiritual demise, between brightness and damnation, inspired, driven and obsessed. The famous poet Torquato Tasso describes in three authentic letters (Lettere poetici) his tormenting visions of goblins and phantoms. This is all reflected in Sciarrino's intense, whispering, whirring music, in which silence is as significant as the birth of sound, "Almost naked, sober," remarks the composer, "and that is an important element when one is listening to music. Only in this way can it bore its way into the flesh."
SCIARRINO, Salvatore (b. 1947) 
1. Le Voci Sottovetro1:41 
2. Lettere Poetiche3:50 
3. Le Voci Sottovetro, Tu M'uccidi, o crudele3:27 
4. Lettere Poetiche5:01 
5. Le Voci Sottovetro, Canzon francese del Principe4:47 
6. Lettere Poetiche2:28 
7. Le Voci Sottovetro, Moro, Lasso4:41 
8. Infinito Nero26:39 


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