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ID: ATH23026 (EAN: 809730302626)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2008
BACH, Johann Sebastian | BYRD, William | COUPERIN, François | HÄNDEL, Georg Friedrich | MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, Felix | MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus | SCHUBERT, Franz (Peter) | SOLER, Antonio
LEACH, Joanna (harpsichord / / square piano)
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Period-instrument specialist Joanna Leach takes us on a journey through the development of keyboard instruments used in wealthy homes, from a spinet through three square pianos; each contemporary with the music played.
1 - 15: Spinet (Barton, 1727)
16 - 20: Square Piano (Longman & Broderip, 1787)
21 - 29: Square Piano (Stodart, 1823)
30 - 34: Square Piano (Clementi, 1832)
Musically both educational and extremely entertaining - a fine and unique recital.
Spinet (Barton, 1727) 
COUPERIN, François (1668-1733) 
1. Les Barricades Misterieuses2:46 
Les Folies Françaises, ou les Dominos 
2. La Virginité - Transparent Domino0:42 
3. La Pudeur0:40 
4. L'Ardeur0:29 
5. L'Espérance0:33 
6. La Fidélité0:54 
7. La Persévérance0:38 
8. La Langueur0:58 
9. La Coquetterie0:24 
10. Les Vieux Galants et les Trésorieres Surannées1:14 
11. Les Coucous bénévoles0:32 
12. La Jalousie Taciturne1:19 
13. La Frénésie, ou le Désespoir0:35 
BYRD, William (1543-1623) 
14. Pavan - The Earle of Salisbury1:17 
HÄNDEL, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759) 
15. Fantasia in C major, G603:32 
Square Piano (Longman & Broderip, 1787) 
16. Keybord Sonata in G minor, G2732:33 
17. Toccata in G minor, G 2761:10 
BACH, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) 
18. Prelude in E major, BWV933 No. 51:47 
19. Prelude in E minor, BWV933 No. 61:52 
HÄNDEL, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759) 
20. Air and Variations, G564:09 
Square Piano (Stodart, 1823) 
SOLER, Antonio (1729-1783) 
21. Sonata No. 84 in D major3:15 
MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) 
22. Adagio in B minor, K5408:47 
SCHUBERT, Franz (Peter) (1797-1828) 
Six Dances 
23. Walzer, D. 145 No. 6 in B minor1:19 
24. Walzer, D. 365 No. 24 in B major0:43 
25. Ecossaise No. 1, D. 783 No. 170:20 
26. Deutscher Tanz D. 783 No. 4 in G major0:38 
27. Ländler), D. 790 No. 40:46 
28. Valse sentimentale, D. 779 No. 13 in A major1:16 
29. Ungarische Melodie, D8173:41 
Square Piano (Clementi, 1832) 
Two Venetian Gondola Songs 
30. Venetian Gondola Song in F sharp minor, Op. 30 No. 63:10 
31. Venetian Gondola Song in A minor, Op 62 No. 53:19 
32. Wie die Zeit lauft2:27 
33. Duetto, Op. 38 No. 63:25 
34. Albumblatt in E minor. Op. 1174:54 


“The recording is beautifully judged throughout, very close and capturing the finest of nuances. Leach's performances are first-rate, stylish and alert, with impeccably pointed ornaments. The booklet notes by Andrew Lancaster are very informative, complemented by colour photographs of each instrument. Highly recommended: domestic instruments they may be, but they are of a quality and character which is remarkable to hear.” - Nicholas Salwey (International Record Review)

“A thoroughly enjoyable album finds Leach playing for the clear joy of it...A tasty work with a nice concept.” - Chris Spector (MidWest Record)

“Period instrument specialist Joanna Leach takes us on a journey through the development of keyboard instruments. This unique recital of elegantly played music vividly brings to life the sounds of another age. - New Classics
“There is no denying the pleasure of experiencing the music of Mozart, Handel and Schubert in a domestic setting and as it would have been heard in the instruments of the day. Joanna Leach's playing is intimate, stylish and pleasantly unassuming.” - Jeremy Nicholas (Gramophone)
“Joanna Leach adds to her well-respected output of recordings of square pianos with an eclectic programme of pieces on three pianos and a spinet. Joanna Leach articulates clearly, although there is a lack of contrasting over-holding and thus warmth of sound. However, at the 21 st track... her playing transports us into another realm as soon as the third instrument, the Stodart square piano of 1823, is touched at the opening of the Soler sonata.” - Penelope Cave (The Consort)
“Joanna Leach is an excellent artist... the instruments presented here are very interesting and not easily available on disc. They shed light on a virtually ignored aspect of music-making in the 18 th and 19 th centuries.” - Johan van Keen (MusicWeb)


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