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The Holy Trinity - Highlights of the Pentecost Service

GRETCHANINOV, Alexander Tikhonovitch (1864-1956) 
1. Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord3:29 
Archimandrite Pheophan 
2. Blessed is the Man2:38 
3. Lord, I have cried unto Thee. The Holy Trinity is one essence...(The Stanzas of the 2nd Tone)3:17 
4. Glory...and now...Come, let us workship (The Stanza)3:47 
ARKHANGELSKY, Aleksandr (1846-1924) 
5. Wisdom, let us attend. O gladsome radiance..0:13 
6. Who is so great a god...? (The Great Gradual)4:12 
7. In the Prophets1:39 
ARKHANGELSKY, Aleksandr (1846-1924) 
8. Lord, now lettest thou...thy servant depart2:19 
9. The hymn of the celebration1:20 
CHESNOKOV, Paul Grigor'yevich (1877-1944) 
10. Praise ye the name of the Lord2:36 
11. The Glorification3:56 
12. The Theme - Songs of the Trinity: 1st and 3rd Canticle2:07 
13. The Little Litany2:00 
14. The Holy Apostles...0:51 
15. My soul exalts the Lord...;9th Canticle from the Songs of the Trinity2:21 
16. Glory...The only- begotten Son2:49 
17. The Collect - Hymn1:09 
KASTAL'SKIJ, Alexandr Dmitriyevich (1856-1926) 
18. Who has baptised into Christ2:46 
KALINNIKOV, Vasily Sergeyevich (1866-1901) 
19. The Song of Cherubins6:44 
SOKOLOV, Nikolay Alexandrovich (1859-1922) 
20. The Mercy of Peace3:30 
SOKOLOV, Nikolay Alexandrovich (1859-1922) 
21. We Praise Thee2:23 
22. My soul exalts the Lord... Hail, Queen of Heaven - Zadostoinik - Hymn to Theotokos of The Celebrating2:42 
23. The Litany of Supplication3:33 
DEGTYAREV, Stepan (1766-1813) 
24. Thy Spirit is good2:26 


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