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DOBRA SAVOVA -Dobroudja Folk Songs

DOBRA SAVOVA -Dobroudja Folk Songs-Folk Music-Vocal Collection
ID: GD323 (EAN: 3800121303236)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2007
Gega New
Vocal Collection
Folk Music
ANGELOV, Stoyan | KOLEV, Emil | KOLEV, Kosta | NAUMOV, Anastas | TODOROV, Hristo
Other info:

Conductors: Stoyan Angelov, Kosta Kolev, Anastas Naumov, Hristo Todorov, Emil Kolev

The 1950s marked the beginning of a renewal of Bulgarian folk art. Many national and local folk art festivals were founded at that time. Radio Sofia and the regional radio stations tried to attract talented singers and musicians for their programmes. For many of those people of different professions folk music became a destiny. One of the newly found talents of that time was the Dobroudja singer Dobra Savova. She was born in the village of Koriten, Dobroudja region and inherited the singing talent of her family. Her gift was appreciated well beyond the boundaries of her village when she was noticed by music specialists at a folk art festival. This set the beginning of her professional career and today we always connect the Dobroudja region with her songs. These are songs of her family and her village. People started listening to them on Radio Varna, at concerts, on the programmes of Radio Sofia. She has made numerous recordings, which will pass on to future generations her unique singing talent and authentic Dobroudja vocal style. The present programme presents a part of them. It begins with the song "Esen se zaesenyava", which has brought her popularity and the never-fading love of her listeners.
1. Esen se zaesenyava – arr. Ivan Nikolov3:03
2. Rekoh ti, rekoh, mari Dobro – arr. Kosta Kolev3:03
3. Dobur den, lelyo – arr. Tsvetan Tsvetanov2:02
4. Sednali sa, sednali – arr. Stefan Kanev5:05
5. Provodi Kolyo za Rada – arr. Boris Vodenicharov3:50
6. Stoyan mami si dumashe – arr. Ognyan Hranov2:02
7. Dobroudjo, yunashka Dobroudjo – arr. Hristo Todorov2:02
8. Andonovata maichitsa – arr. Anastas Naumov2:02
9. Kichi sa, Radke, trufi sa – arr. Kosta Kolev2:02
10. Na Stancho gosti doidoha – arr. Stefan Kanev5:05
11. Zalyubih, mamo, Elenka – arr. Stefan Kanev3:03
12. Izkaral mi e Kara Dimiter – arr. Tsvetan Tsvetanov2:02
13. Mome, malka mome – arr. Tsvetan Tsvetanov2:02
14. Otkak se selo zaseli – arr. Kosta Kolev3:17
15. Red sidyat momi i ergeni – arr. Tsvetan Tsvetanov2:33
16. Tonyova mama dumashe – arr. Hristo Todorov4:07
17. Razbolya sa Georgi – arr. Anastas Naumov2:47
18. Stoyan na niva otiva – arr. Tsvetan Tsvetanov3:35


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