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Vassil Arnaudov and Sofia Chamber Choir - Bulgarian Composers

Vassil Arnaudov  and Sofia Chamber Choir - Bulgarian Composers-Choir-Choral Collection
ID: GD284 (EAN: 3800121302840)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2003
Gega New
Choral Collection
ILIEV, Konstantin | KOUTEV, Philip | KYURKCHIISKY, Krassimir | NENOV, Dimitar | PIPKOV, Lyubomir | POPOV, Todor | SPASSOV, Ivan | TANEV, Alexander
Sofia Chamber Choir
Other info:

The conductor Vassil Arnaudov is an example of high musical culture and mastership in the development of Bulgarian conductor art. Even today, 12 years after his death, we still remember his top achievements. During his creative art he visited many places in Bulgaria so as to help a lot of conductors and choirs. He passed his knowledge with deep love to his students, and a number of them have become famous choir conductors. His greatest achievement is with the Sofia Chamber Choir and the “Rodina” Choir in Rousse. Part of the magnificent performances of the Sofia Chamber Choir have been included in the present release, which is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Vassil Arnaudov’s birth. The programme features Bulgarian composers, whom the conductor had a great respect for. His collaboration with different composers has often provoked the creation of works specially written for the Sofia Chamber Choir. Admirers of choral singing will find some of them in the present release.
Philip Koutev 
1. Dragana and the Nightingale, folk lyrics 2:50
2. A Gun Went off 6:07
Krassimir Kyurkchiiski 
3. A Little Bird Is Singing, folk lyrics 3:35
Lyubomir Pipkov 
4. Hushaby, Damyancho, folk lyrics 5:07
Alexander Tanev 
5. May this Girl Be Mine, lyrics by Kiril Hristov 2:49
Ivan Spassov 
6. Two Drums Are Beaten, folk lyrics2:10
Solveig's Songs, lyrics by Theodor Trayanov 
7. Northern Song 3:35
8. The White Ship2:23
9. Solveig's Song 2:53
Konstantin Iliev 
Quiet Songs, lyrics by Nikolai Liliev 
10. The Quiet Spring Rain 1:17
11. I Know a Dearly Cherished Place 2:37
12. Bright Morning 0:39
Lyubomir Pipkov 
Subdued Songs, lyrics by Marina Tsvetaeva 
13. A Drop Fell from the Sky 1:18


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