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MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS IN BULGARIA - Wind Orchestra-Chamber Ensemble-Brass Collection
ID: GD299 (EAN: 3800121302994)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2006
Gega New
Brass Collection
Chamber Ensemble
Wind Orchestra of Construction Troops Ensemble | Wind Orchestra of Railway Troops | Wind Orchestra of Transport Troops
BRATANOV, Nikolai | RADANOV, Hristofor | TONEV, Hristo | VUTKOV, Dotso
Other info:

After featuring the tambura, zourna and gaida instruments (GD 278, GD 276, GD 106), the series continues with presenting horos and ruchenitsa for wind orchestra. Having originated after the liberation of the Bulgarian people from the rule of the Ottoman Empire (1878), today they have become a necessary part of all festive celebrations in Bulgaria.
The intense development of music and performance art during the first years of independence in Bulgaria lead to the creation of professional symphonic, opera and chamber ensembles. Together with them the first military wind orchestras were formed. Their repertoire consists of marches, polkas, overtures, etc., as well as horo music and medleys of folk songs. A large number of composers at that time wrote folk-based music for wind orchestras. The most talented composer of such music was Diko Iliev. After his participation in the Balkan War and the First World War, he began composing horos, which are still being loved by the Bulgarian people. From 1931 Diko Iliev played the baritone in the newly-founded wind orchestra in Oryahovo and thus he put the beginning of one of his most intense periods of creative activity. Iliev had the happy fate to become an inseparable part of the Bulgarian urban musical folklore. After him other well-trained musicians continued this trend. Today the wind orchestra is an intrinsic part of the Bulgarian folk music culture.

Performed by: Wind Orchestra of Transport Troops, Wind Orchestra of Construction Troops Ensemble, Wind Orchestra of Railway Troops, Wind Orchestra
Conductors: Hristo Tonev, Dotso Vutkov, Hristofor Radanov, Nikolai Bratanov
1. Dunavsko horo3:03
2. Dobrudjansko horo4:04
3. Veseloto Sanche3:03
4. Veselo surtse2:02
5. Samokovsko horo3:29
6. Pravo horo3:03
7. Grancharsko horo4:04
8. Zvezden polet4:04
9. Krushovensko horo4:04
10. Pravo miziisko horo3:03
11. Butovsko horo3:03
12. Vrachansko horo4:04
13. Mihailovgradsko horo (elenino)3:03
14. Gornooryahovsko horo4:06
15. Turnovsko horo4:08


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