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CONTEMPORARY BULGARIAN COMPOSERS - Vol. 1 - IVAN Spassov-PRAYER CHANTS-Voices and Orchestra-Vocal Collection
ID: GD251 (EAN: 3800121302512)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 1995
Gega New
Vocal Collection
Voices and Orchestra
BYULBYULIAN, Stepan | GENOVA, Tiha (soprano) | ILIEVA, Lilia (mezzo-soprano) | LAZAROV, Georgi (bass-baritone) | LOZANOVA, Donka (soprano) | MIRCHEVA, Valeria (mezzo-soprano) | TOROMANOVA, Alexandrina (organ) | ZHEKOVA, Kalina (soprano)
Chamber a Cappella Choir | Female Chamber Choir
CHETINIAN, Krikor | DIMITROV, Ivelin | PAPAZIAN, Bedros | PARVANOV, Plamen
Other info:

Ivan Spassov (1934-1996) belongs to the generation of Bulgarian composers who developed their abilities and won recognition during the 1970s and the 1980s. His work has invariably roused interest although it was not always accepted unanimously, and sometimes was even met with complete negation. Particularly important are the vocal creations of Spassov in which he imposed his own style and compositional techniques. Most of his choral songs became basic repertoire; much of them are examples of innovation in the genre. The CD includes three of Ivan Spassov's last opuses, where the theme of death dominates. Deeply connected with the Bulgarian tradition, yet at the same time employing the avant-guard tendencies of the 1950s and 1960s, Ivan Spassov combined both trends in his music. One example of Bulgarian passion is Easter Music for Christ's Suffering, Death and Resurrection, rationalizing the drama of Christ from the Orthodox point of view. The typical for the Catholic tradition form Miserere was made (for the first time by a Bulgarian musician) into a splendid composition for choir, orchestra and soloists, bringing the meaning and the comfort of the psalm. The excellent recordings in the CD present the spiritual world of an exceptional musician and intellectual, who contributed for throwing a bridge between the Bulgarian and the West-European cultures.

Soloists: Kalina Zhekova (soprano), Georgi Lazarov (bass-baritone), Stepan Byulbyulian (evangelist), Alexandrina Toromanova (organ), Tiha Genova (soprano), Donka Lozanova (soprano), Valeria Mircheva (mezzo-soprano), Lilia Ilieva (mezzo-soprano)
Female Chamber Choir with the Academy of Music and Dance Arts - Plovdiv, Chamber Orchestra with the Secondary School of Music - Plovdiv, Polyphonia Chamber a Cappella Choir, Orchestral Ensemble
Conductors: Krikor Chetinian, Ivelin Dimitrov, Plamen Parvanov, Bedros Papazian
SPASSOV, Ivan (1934-1996) 
1. Easter Music for Christ's Sufferings, Death and Resurrection for soloists, women's choir and organ on Bulgarian and Latin canonical texts and St. Luke's Gospel27:36 
2. The Sanctification of the Heavenly Space10:48 
3. Miserere after a Latin cult text for soloists, women's choir and orchestra19:12 


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