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David Pollock - O Mistris Myne - The English Virginals

David Pollock - O Mistris Myne - The English Virginals-Viola and Piano-Instrumental
ID: LIR005 (EAN: 820237000525)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 2004
London Independent Records
Anonymous (mid-16th century) | BULL, John | BYRD, William | FARNABY, Giles | GIBBONS, Orlando | PURCELL, Henry | TALLIS, Thomas
Game Percussion Ensemble
Dal informace:

150 years of English virginals music
Classical Periods: Baroque, Medieval, Renaissance

For this CD David has chosen a programme which reflects the social and political changes taking place in Britain through the 16th and 17th centuries, and which explores the different influences on the repertoire of the virginal, an instrument which was a major part of musical life at that time. Through a chronological survey, he also focuses our attention on the development of the instrument itself and how it adapted to the demands of the changing repertoire.

David makes particular use of the Arpichordium, or ‘bray’ stop: a batten parallel with the bridge, in which are fixed a set of metal hooks that touch the strings when the stop is engaged, resulting in a colourful ‘buzzing’ sound.

The instrument used in this recording was made by Ian Tucker, and is a Muselar virginal, an exact replica of one made in Antwerp in 1620, by Andreas Ruckers.

(English repertoire played on a Ruckers reproduction).
Anonymous (mid-16th century) 
1. My Lady Carey's Dompe1:54 
TALLIS, Thomas (1505-1585) 
2. Antiphon : Natus est nobis0:28 
3. Hymn : Ex more docti mistico1:18 
4. Antiphon : Clarifica me pater1:01 
5. Antiphon : Gloris tibi Trinitas1:04 
6. Hymn : Iste Confessor1:14 
7. Hymne : Veni Redemptor1:21 
8. A Poynct0:34 
BYRD, William (1543-1623) 
9. Prelude1:00 
10. Galiarda1:49 
11. O Mistris myne5:31 
12. La Volta1:16 
13. Prelude1:02 
14. A Pavin5:01 
15. Galliard1:59 
BULL, John (?1562/3-1628) 
16. Irish Toye0:49 
17. Dr. Bulles Griefe1:04 
18. A Gigge : Doctor Bulls my selfe1:35 
FARNABY, Giles (c. 1563-1640) 
19. Giles Farnabys Dreame1:45 
20. His rest : Galiard0:50 
21. Farnabyes Conceit0:41 
GIBBONS, Orlando (1583-1625) 
22. Preludium1:46 
23. Mr. Gibbons Ground2:29 
24. The Italian Grounde2:02 
25. Pavan7:17 
PURCELL, Henry (1659-1695) 
26. Prelude0:51 
27. Almond1:35 
28. Corant0:58 
29. Sarabande1:16 
30. Jigg1:02 
31. A New Ground1:59 
32. A New Irish Tune0:38 
33. Riggadoon0:45 
34. Sefauchi's Farwell2:33 
35. Minuet0:43 
36. Ground in D minor1:40 


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