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The King's Singers - The Golden Age - Siglo de Oro

The King's Singers - The Golden Age - Siglo de Oro-Choir-Vocal Collection
ID: SIGCD119 (EAN: 635212011928)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2008
Signum Records
Vocal Collection
King John IV of Portugal | LOBO, Alonso | MELGÁS, Diogo Dias | MORALES, Cristobal de | PADILLA, Juan Gutiérrez de | VICTORIA, Tomás Luis de | VIVANCO, Sebastian de
CONNOLLY, Stephen (bass) | GABBITAS, Christopher (baritone) | HURLEY, David | LAWSON, Philip (baritone) | PHOENIX, Paul (tenor) | TYSON, Robin
The King's Singers
Andere Infos:

The first disc to be released in The King’s Singers 40th anniversary year celebrates music by Portuguese, Spanish and Mexican composers from the period known as the Siglo de Oro, The Golden Age.

The idea for the disc came from the King’s Singers church concert programmes, where the acoustics allowed great scope for drama. The music featured is exceptionally beautiful and deeply moving, with a combination of joyful and sorrowful s e ttings, indicating the substantial outpouring of music during this period.

Regularly performing over 100 concerts per season, the King’s Singers delight audiences a round the world. As the London Times states, they are ‘still unmatched for their musicality and sheer ability to entertain’.
King John IV of Portugal (1604-1656) 
1. Crux fidelis9:51
MORALES, Cristobal de (1500-1553) 
2. Kyrie (Mass Mille Regretz)4:51
VICTORIA, Tomás Luis de (1548-1611) 
3. Versa est in luctum3:33
MELGÁS, Diogo Dias (1638-1700) 
4. In ieiunio et fletu2:51
VIVANCO, Sebastian de (ca. 1550-1622) 
5. Versa est in luctum5:26
LOBO, Alonso (1555-1617) 
6. Lamentations18:17
PADILLA, Juan Gutiérrez de (c. 1590 - 1664) 
7. Versa est in luctum3:24
MELGÁS, Diogo Dias (1638-1700) 
8. Pia et dolorosa mater2:23
LOBO, Alonso (1555-1617) 
9. Versa est in luctum5:03
10. Libera me8:44


No coffee or whisky blend matches the suavity of the unaccompanied King's Singers. Their intonation is excellent in this sumptuous collection of Spanish, Portuguese and Mexican church Music"”
The Times

"The famous group exercise from the start that extraordinary communal ear which takes care of intonation, blend, clarity of diction and finesse of shading"
Gramophone Magazine

"King's Singers maintain their unmistakable cool timbre, faultless intonation and smooth blend ... great examples of unaccompanied choral music sung with precision and insight by masters of their art"
The Observer


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