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GERHARD REICHENBACH, guitar - Works for Guitar

GERHARD REICHENBACH, guitar - Works for Guitar -Guitar-Instrumental
ID: GD336 (EAN: 3800121303366)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2008
Gega New
REICHENBACH, Gerhard (guitar)
Other info:

Guitar music compositions are not so traditional in Bulgaria, as they are in Western Europe. So it is a real event when guitar works by a Bulgarian composer are released.
Rossen Balkanski, who is the author of the music in this release, is also a performing concert guitarist. He studied the guitar under the best teachers in Bulgaria and currently, along with his activity as a performer and composer, he also teaches classical guitar at the Academy of Music in Sofia.
Besides chamber music (mainly works for guitar), he has also written incidental and film music, as well as a Concert for three guitars and chamber orchestra. Several of his compositions for solo guitar have received awards in Bulgaria. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Composers. His works have been published in Bulgaria and by music publishers BIM, Switzerland, and Daminus, Germany. What is characteristic of his style is that he combines elements of Bulgarian folklore with classical structure.
“It's so exciting to write music for high-class performers! I had the pleasure to do that for one of the greatest German guitar players - Gerhard Reichenbach. Balkan Sonata is dedicated to him and his unique talent for interpretation.” This short statement explains Balkanski’s choice connected with this work.
Gerhard Reichenback is well-known to all guitar connoisseurs throughout the world. Having studied under some of the great masters of the guitar, he is a virtuoso at his instrument, a musician with a brilliant sound and an active performing career. Apart from his classical guitar repertoire, he is an avid supporter and performer of contemporary music.
Raichenbach often performs works by Hans Werner Henze, Arvo Part, Rossen Balkanski, Boris Assafiev and Buck Wolters. He frequently participates in radio and TV programmes and as a jury member in major international guitar competitions and festivals. He passes on his experience to young musicians - at the “Franz Liszt” Hochschule fur Musik in Weimar, and since 2004, he has been a professor of guitar at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki.

Recorded on 2-4th April 2006 at the Evangelische Kirche Flammersfeld, Germany
1. Scherzo3:03 
2. Nocturne3:03 
3. Rachenitza2:02 
Balkanska Sonata 
4. Spirituoso11:11 
5. Lamento13:57 
6. Diabolico10:10 
7. Canto (Epilogo)7:07 


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