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Dont talk - just listen! - The Clerks

Dont talk - just listen! - The Clerks-Choir-Vocal Collection
ID: SIGCD174 (EAN: 635212017425)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2009
Signum Records
Vocal Collection
Anonymous | FOX, Christopher | FRYE, Walter | JACKSON, Gabriel | PITTS, Anthony | SAXTON, Robert
Members of the Choir of St Catherine's College, Cambridge | The Clerks' Group
Andere Infos:

This album presents a selection of works commissioned by The Clerks over the last decade, and is their first devoted entirely to contemporary music. The impulse behind each commission was different, as was the context in which they were first performed; so necessarily this is an eclectic anthology. The works were designed to suit the forces of the group and their ranges and timbres, but more than that, they each represent a fascinating and innocative engagement with the compositional techniques, genres and motivations of late Medieval and Renaissance music - the repertoire on which The Clerks have cut their teeth.
Robert Saxton 
Five Motets 
1. 13:27 
2. 22:52 
3. 32:34 
4. 42:25 
5. 54:27 
Anthony Pitts 
6. Thou wast present as on this day6:44 
Gabriel Jackson  
7. The Armed Man5:47 
Christopher Fox  
8. A Spousal Verse3:55 
20 Ways To Improve Your Life 
9. Don't talk, just listen0:09 
10. I am an expert in relationships0:27 
11. Massage, medication0:54 
12. Launch your career0:21 
13. Look good, feel great0:17 
14. I am fast0:15 
15. Reliable, efficient0:24 
16. Rise to the challenge0:29 
17. Give your sperm a life0:20 
18. I am a specialist in weight loss0:40 
19. Out on the open road0:17 
20. Don't run low0:20 
21. Be an egg donor0:23 
22. Please do not betray0:46 
23. Royal from Day One0:17 
24. I am woman0:35 
25. Vocal ensemble for hire0:33 
26. Proactive, professional0:32 
27. Mature composer seeks work0:27 
28. Guarantee0:36 
Anonymous (adaopt Ian McMillan) 
29. The Man who spills his soup4:06 
Walter Frye (adapt Edward Wickham) 
30. So ys emprentid2:54 
Anonymous (adapt Ian Duhig) 
31. After the Mass2:51 
Gabriel Jackson  
32. Te Deum9:39 
Members of the Choir of St Catherine's College, Cambridge  
The Clerks Group  


“The quality of the singing is excellent throughout, with The Clerks creating a distinctive and individual sound. The ensemble should be congratulated for their work in commissioning new repertoire of such quality. This is an engaging disc which deserves to be heard.”

“... it’s worth lending both ears to this terrific selection of contemporary works written for early music specialists The Clerks”
Editors Choice, The Gramophone


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