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SHARRAT - Moscow Ensemble of Jewish Music “MITZVA“

SHARRAT - Moscow Ensemble of Jewish Music “MITZVA“-Traditional-Jewish Music
ID: MKM223 (EAN: 4607167791756)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2001
OLYMPIA - Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga Musica
Jewish Music
Moscow Ensemble of Jewish Muzic“MITZVA“
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Moscow ensemble of Jewish music "Mitzvah" - a professional collective of a high-quality performing level - actively acts with its concerts since 1990s. The founder and the manager of the ensemble is Victor Lenzon - the pianist and the musicologist, who brilliantly graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, the professor, the Doctor of Art criticism, the Honoured Artist of Russia, Corresponding member of the International Informatization Academy, the author of many publications concerning Jewish music and Jewish theatre, the creator of the popular collection "150 melodies for klezmer".

Ensemble "Mitzvah" specializes in playing Jewish music of various epochs and styles. The repertory of the ensemble includes different kinds of Hebrew and Yiddish music.
1. Alter Rebe5:12 
2. Ejnkelokejnu4:10 
3. Ki lekah toj5:54 
4. Avas ojlom5:00 
5. Ribojno shel ojlom4:57 
6. Sheibonebet amikdash4:59 
7. Hazn af shabes6:05 
8. Recej adojshem elokejnu1:23 
9. Lihtbenc2:22 
10. Moldavsky frejlechs2:20 
11. Frejlechs3:26 
12. Frejlecher shabes9:14 
13. Frajtik af der nacht2:53 
14. Scholem bajs1:56 
15. Lomir ale zingen a zemrl1:25 
16. Arcaalinu2:54 
17. Ose shalom . Ereczavat halav. Inej matov. Am Israel haj.7:24 
18. Zur Israel1:48 


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