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Legends of a musical OLYMPUS - 30-50 years

Legends of a musical OLYMPUS - 30-50 years  -Legendary Voices
ID: MKM211 (EAN: 4607167791640)  | 1 CD | AAD
Publi: 2007
OLYMPIA - Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga Musica
Legendary Voices
BERLIN, Irwing | GERMAN, F. | GERSHWIN, George | Various | YOUNG, Victor
ARMSTRONG, Louis (singer / ) | BELAFONTE, Harry (singer) | BOONE, Pat (singer) | CROSBY, Bing | DAY, Doris (singer) | FITZGERALD, Ella (jazz singer) | PIAF, Edith (french chanson singer) | PRESLEY, Elvis (rock ’n’ roll singer) | SINATRA, Frank (singer)
Ensemble The Platters | Orchestra of G. Miller | Orchestra of Mark Weber | Orchestra of Ray Noble | Orchestra of T. Dorsey
1. Moonlight Serenade...(G. Miller, M. Parrish), (Orchestra of G. Miller)3:29 
2. Summertime (G. Gershwin, I. Gershwin), (E. Fitzgerald, L. Armstrong)4:54 
3. Dark eyes (F. German), (Orchestra of T. Dorsey)3:27 
4. Don't Fence Me in (C. Porter ), (Bing Crosby)3:00 
5. A lover is blue (F. Sinatra)3:12 
6. Rio Rita (Orchestra of Mark Weber)2:48 
7. Tant Qu'il Y Aura Des Jours (E. Piaf)2:04 
8. Smoke gets in your eyes (Ensemble The Platters)2:42 
9. Dream a Little Dream of me (B.Crosby)2:35 
10. I'm sorry (Ensemble The Platters)2:55 
11. Love letters in the sand (P. Boone)2:16 
12. The Very Thought of you (P. Boone)3:28 
13. Tea for two (D. Day)3:08 
14. Some sunny day (B.Crosby)2:38 
15. La Vie En Rose (E. Piaf)3:03 
16. Don't be cruel (E. Presley)2:07 
17. Zigeuner, you have Storen (Orchestra of Mark Weber)3:17 
18. April Love (P. Boone)2:41 
19. Memphis Blues (B.Crosby, E. Fitzgerald, L. Armstrong)3:48 
20. Island in the Sun (H. Belafonte)3:22 
21. Spin a Little Web of Dreams (Orchestra of Ray Noble)3:04 
22. I Love in Paris (B.Crosby)2:21 
23. Padam, padam (E. Piaf)3:14 
24. I get ideas (B.Crosby, E. Fitzgerald, L. Armstrong)2:37 


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