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Forbidden Voices - Judith Sheridan (soprano), Craig Combs (piano)

Forbidden Voices  - Judith Sheridan (soprano), Craig Combs (piano)-Viola and Piano-Vocal Collection
ID: DDA25044 (EAN: 809730504426)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2006
Divine Art
Vocal Collection
GOLDSCHMIDT, Berthold | HAAS, Pavel | KORNGOLD, Erich Wolfgang | SCHREKER, Franz | SCHULHOFF, Erwin | ULLMANN, Viktor
COMBS, Craig (piano) | SHERIDAN, Judith (soprano)
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The composers on this disc are part of what is sometimes called "The Lost Generation" - those who because of their Jewish background were prevented from working, deported or imprisoned. While some, such as Korngold, were able to emigrate, Schulhoff, Ullmann and Haas all died in Nazi concentration camps. Much of their music has been re-discovered over the past few years, and this collection includes several world premiere recordings.
SCHREKER, Franz (1878-1934) 
Songs (8) for voice & piano, Op 7  
1. Wiegenliedchen2:21 
2. Zu späte Reue1:06 
3. Traum1:20 
4. Spuk1:43 
5. Rosentod2:10 
6. Ach, noch so jung...3:12 
7. Rosengruss1:25 
8. Lied des Harfenmädchens1:54 
GOLDSCHMIDT, Berthold (1903 - 1993) 
9. Clouds, for voice and piano2:53 
10. Rosenzweig, song for voice and piano1:02 
11. Nebelweben, song for voice and piano2:24 
ULLMANN, Viktor (1898-1944) 
Liebeslieder (5) on texts by Ricarda Huch, for voice & piano, Op.18 
12. Wo hast du all die Schönheit hergenommen2:07 
13. Am Klavier2:37 
14. Sturmlied2:07 
15. Wenn je ein Schönes mir zu bilden glückte2:14 
16. O schöne Hand4:11 
SCHULHOFF, Erwin (1894-1942) 
Gesänge (5), for voice & piano 
17. Langsam wandle ich dahin3:38 
18. Lass mich, da ich glauben will1:04 
19. Ruhe der Fläche3:37 
20. Schmerz der lastend liegt3:32 
21. Nun versank der Abend2:19 
KORNGOLD, Erich Wolfgang (1897-1957) 
Unvergänglichkeit, song cycle, Op.27 
22. Unvergänglichkeit 12:12 
23. Das eilende Bächlein1:45 
24. Das schlafende Kind2:13 
25. Stärker als der Tod2:02 
26. Unvergänglichkeit 22:13 
HAAS, Pavel (1889-1944) 
Songs (7) in the Folk Tone on the Words of Frantisek Ladislav Celakovsky Op.18  
27. Coz je víc!1:10 
28. Dárek z kásky2:32 
29. Krotká holubicka1:40 
30. Zrusení slibu2:39 
31. Prípoved1:26 
32. Slzy a vzdychání3:03 
33. Statecný jonák1:41 


“Sheridan’s light lyric voice is sweet…the accompaniment is excellent, and it is well recorded. The songs are all worth hearing. It is simply musical justice that this music should be heard by a wider audience.” - R. Moore (American Record Guide)
“A sad chapter of German history is brought to light by this song recital” - Peter Spaull (Liverpool Daily Post)
“Only when fighting, even when losing, does life bring joy”: such lines bring a gulp to the throat in this programme of music from Jewish composers banned or gassed by the Nazis. Sheridan… has heart and passion, which warms the more testing selections by Ullmann and Schulhoff. Pavel Haas’s Seven Folk Songs are the best discovery.” - Geoff Brown (The Times)
“Driven by sensitive historical awareness, this disc tells of past tragedy and future hope… never wanting soul.” ×××× - Classic FM Magazine
“Copiously annotated collection. The soprano is sympathetically accompanied” - David Gutman (Gramophone)
“Judith Sheridan has done wonders has done wonders in bringing together and recording 33 songs by composers banned by the Nazis. The seriousness of purpose brought to the performances is undeniable.” - Neville Cohn (The Maccabean - Australia)
“Fascinating collection of songs. Judith Sheridan is very committed to this project, hence her vast and superbly presented notes. Exceptional pianism of Craig Combs…. no praise is too high for his contribution.” - Gary Higginson (MusicWeb)


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