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Masters of the Piano Roll: The Great Female Pianists Vol.5 - P. M. Segovia

Masters of the Piano Roll: The Great Female Pianists Vol.5 - P. M. Segovia-The Great Female Pianists-Masters of the Piano Roll
ID: DSPRCD015 (EAN: 5060104470104)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 2006
Dal Segno
Masters of the Piano Roll
The Great Female Pianists
ALBÉNIZ, Isaac (Manuel Francisco) | CHAMINADE, Cecile | DEBUSSY, Claude | DELAHAYE | GRANADOS Y CAMPINA, Enrique | LISZT, Franz | MOSZKOWSKI, Moritz | OLSEN | SEGOVIA, Paquita Madriguera
SEGOVIA, Paquita Madriguera (piano)
Dal informace:

This indicates the date the piano roll was made, not the date of the recording. Recording: 1992
GRANADOS Y CAMPINA, Enrique (1867-1916) 
1. Allegro de Concierto6:25 
2. Intermezzo from "Goyescas"3:11 
ALBÉNIZ, Isaac (Manuel Francisco) (1860-1909) 
3. Aragonaise from "Suite Espagnole" Op. 47 No. 63:51 
4. Spanish Serenade3:57 
5. Sevillians from "Suite Espagnole" Op. 47 No. 33:50 
CHAMINADE, Cecile (1857-1944) 
6. La Morena Op. 673:21 
7. La Mouche Op. 122:48 
SEGOVIA, Paquita Madriguera b. 1900 
8. Serenade3:26 
9. Pastorale: 1. Dance of Satyr and Nymphs1:08 
10. Pastorale: 2. Caravan1:00 
DEBUSSY, Claude (1862-1918) 
11. Arabesque No. 2 in G Major3:03 
LISZT, Franz (1811-1886) 
12. Consolation No. 3 in D Flat Major3:51 
13. Butterflies Op. 50 No. 51:57 
MOSZKOWSKI, Moritz (1854-1925) 
14. Spanish Dance Op. 12 No. 22:49 
15. Spanish Dance Op. 12 No. 5 "Bolero"2:45 
16. Sparks Op. 36 No. 63:04 
17. Spanish Caprice Op. 376:21 


Paquita Madriguera Segovia, piano
Like so many concert pianists Mme. Segovia was a prodigy. She was playing in public from the age of five. Born in Barcelona in 1900, she studied at the Granados Academy of Music there, first with Frank Marshall and then with Granados. She made her debut as a concert pianist when eleven years old. In the 1920's she became the wife of Andrea Segovia. The seventeen items on this disc appear to be the entire legacy of Mme. Segovia’s piano playing. DAL SEGNO 015 is the fifth and penultimate volume in The Great Female Pianists series. Some of these rolls are nearly 100 years old and come from a collection owned by Denis Condon who is one of the worlds most respected authorities on the piano roll and has some 18,000 in his collection. He also can construct the machines that read the rolls. We can vouch for the authenticity of the rolls as each was signed by the pianist/composer. These recordings were made in 1992 and recorded on a brand new Yamaha Concert Grand under Denis’s supervision. These recordings have by far a better overall sound performance than any other which were recorded using older equipment. They are the only ones of their kind in existence.


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