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Bulgarian Folk Dances and Songs - Hristofor Radanov

Bulgarian Folk Dances and Songs - Hristofor Radanov-Folk Music-Traditional
ID: GD294 (EAN: 3800121302949)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2005
Gega New
Folk Music
Bulgarian National Radio Folk Chorus and Orchestra
RADANOV, Hristofor
Other info:

BULGARIAN NATIONAL RADIO FOLK ORCHESTRA Hristofor Radanov, conductor Kostadin Gugov, Snejana Borissova, Kounka Zhelyazkova, Ivan Varimezov (bagpipe), Danislav Kehaiov, Todor Kozhuharov, Hristina Boteva, Binka Dobreva, Gergana Dimitrova, Maria Koleva and the Avrena Quartet, Kostadin Genchev (kaval), Donka Koleva, Rossen Genkov (gadulka), children’s vocal group “Radiodetsa” conducted by Ilina Todorova
1. Gornooryahovsko daichovo horo - music by H. Radanov3:29 
2. More, sokol piye (A Falcon Finds Water) - arr. by H. Radanov4:06 
3. Gornooryahovsko pravo horo - music by H. Radanov2:47 
4. Oi, shoppe, shoppe - arr. by H. Radanov2:11 
5. Tsvetini melodii (Tzveta"s Melodies) - music by Ivan Varimezov3:56 
6. Ya, izliaz, Donke (Come on out, Donka) - arr. by H. Radanov2:02 
7. Gornooryahovsko elenino horo - music by H. Radanov2:49 
8. Oi, Minke, Minke - arr. by H. Radanov2:36 
9. Omaino bile (Charming Herbs) - music by H. Radanov and Nadejda Braikova, arr. by H. Radanov2:44 
10. Shte hodya, mamo, na gurbet (Mother, I"ll Go abroad to Make a Living) - arr. by H. Radanov5:50 
11. Gornooryahovsha devyatka - music by H. Radanov4:24 
12. Sabra, Kalina, sedianka (Working-bee at Kalina"s House) - arr. by H. Radanov2:29 
13. Gornooryahovsko chorbadjiysko horo - music by H. Radanov3:25 
14. Dve sa momi momuvali (Two Young Ladies) - arr. by H.Radanov2:29 
15. Slow Song and Pravo horo - music by K. Genchev - arr. by H. Radanov4:33 
16. Dai mi, mamo (Give me, Mother) - arr. by H. Radanov4:32 
17. Gornooryahovska ruchenitsa - music by H. Radanov2:43 
18. Kak? (How?) - music by H. Radanov3:26 
19. Sunla (Dreaming) - music by H. Radanov2:54 
20. Shopsko nastroenie (In a Shoppe Mood) - music by Rossen Genkov - arr. by H. Radanov2:18 


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