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Folk Songs & Dances - with the "DOBROUDJA" Ensemble

Folk Songs & Dances - with the "DOBROUDJA" Ensemble-Folk Music-Traditional
ID: GD176 (EAN: 3800121301768)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 1994
Gega New
Folk Music
BOURADJIEV, Kostadin | KAUFMANN, Nikolai | KOLEV, Kosta | NAUMOV, Anastas
ANDONAKIEV, Vasil | DIMITROV, Plamen | DJIGOV, Alexander | DOBREVA, Ginka | GEORGIEV, Stefan (harmonica) | ILIEVA, Violeta | JELEV, Jivko | JELIAZKOV, Petko | KUNCHEVA, Ivelina | MITEVA, Kina | PANAIOTOV, Atanas | RUSEVA, Ivanka
Dobroudja Folk Ensemble
JELEV, Jivko | RUSEVA, Ivanka
Other info:

While the first CD of the "Dobroudja" Ensemble (GD 140) includes music not only from Dobroudja but also from other folk regions in Bulgaria, this programme is dedicated to the region which has given its name to the ensemble. Recorded and released 40 years after the ensemble's foundation, it pays tribute to the Dobroudja musical tradition. The selection of repertoire and authors brings evidence to the good taste of artistic director Kostadin Bouradjiev and his assistants. The singers from the women's choir have given a brilliant reading of the complex scores and the remarkable orchestra and its soloists complete the virtuoso picture with the most characteristic Dobroudja dances: Ruka, Opas, Sborenka, etc.
1. SONG (Impression) - music Kostadin Bouradjiev2:10
2. ORCHESTRAL SUITE - music Kostadin Bouradjiev7:00
3. IVAN SAID TO RADA - music Nikolai Kaufmann3:23
4. OPAS FROM SILISTRA - arr. Kostadin Bouradjiev3:47
5. CHRISTMAS SONGS & DANCES - music Kostadin Bouradjiev - music Kostadin Bouradjiev3:51
6. TWO ST. LAZAR'S DAY SONGS - music Nikolai Kaufmann2:13
7. KASUMSKO HORO - arr. Kostadin Bouradjiev2:46
8. THE FOREST WEPT - music Anastas Naumov3:47
9. SLOW SONG & SBORENKA - arr. Kostadin Bouradjiev4:14
10. TODORKA'S MOTHER - music Kostadin Bouradjiev2:14
11. RUKA FROM MALI IZVOR - music Kosta Kolev1:58
12. I HAVE A HAIDUK LOVER - music Anastas Naumov4:13
13. TWO SNAKES ARE FIGHTING IN THE FOREST - arr. Kostadin Bouradjiev2:05


'The Ensemble for Folk Songs & Dances "Dobroudja" was formed in 1954 in Dobrich, the central town of the region in the Northeast corner of Bulgaria.

This release marks the fortieth anniversary of the ensemble, and serves as a balance sheet for four decades of creative searching, years of development, and delving ever deeper into the music and dances of past generations. Orchestral music dominates, most of it built on musical motifs borrowed from Dobroudjan folk musicians. Some are offered as performed by the folk musicians with no change in form only arranged for the polychromatic folk orchestra (1,4,7,9,13).

While the instrumental music is based mainly on thematic material from Dobroudja, in the songs a palette from the other folklore regions is sought. There are pieces from Strandja, the Shope Region and others.

Somewhat unique to Dobroudja, the Christmas carolers often sing their songs as they make the rounds of the village from house to house, in order to carry the news God's birth, singing to the accompaniment of kavals. Immediately after the Christimas songs are the St. Lazar's Day songs which are perform by young girls on St. Lazar's Day when they go around the village from house to house singing and dancing for the health of the inhabitants.

The collection ends with part of the Suite of Music and Dances "Dobroudja - Song & Love", performed by folk orchestra and singers.'


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