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RUSSIAN SOUL - Disc 1- Russian Romances and Folk Songs

RUSSIAN SOUL - Disc 1- Russian Romances and Folk Songs-The Best Russian Romances-Russian Soul
ID: MKM147 (EAN: 4607167790940)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2004
OLYMPIA - Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga Musica
Russian Soul
The Best Russian Romances
ABAZA, Vladimir | BULAKHOV, Petr | GERMAN, F. | MALASHKIN, Leonid Dimitrievich | MATUSOVSKY, M. | SADOVSKY, F. | ZUBOV, A.
SAFIULIN, Anatoly (bass) | VYSOTINA, Nina (soprano)
KALININ, Nikolai
Other info:
1. Dark Eyes (Ochi chernye), German, F. 3:15
2. A Misty Morning (Utro tumannoe), Abaza, V. 3:35
3. The Black Raven (Chernyj voron), Russian Folk Song3:46
4. My Bonfire (Moj koster v tumane svetit), Sadovsky, F.2:43
5. Country Harvest Time (V polnom razgare strada derevenskaya), Russian Folk Song4:11
6. Tis Not Evening Yet (Oj, da ni vecher), Russian Folk Song3:37
7. The Don Ballad (Po Donu gulyaet kazak molodoj), Russian Folk Song2:47
8. A Soldier Served (Kak sluzhil soldat), Russian Folk Song4:32
9. The Age-Old Lime Tree (Lipa vekovaya), Russian Folk Song3:51
10. A Beggar-Woman (Nicshaya), Aliabiev, A.4:34
11. I'm a Bit Sad (Chto tak grustno)3:40
12. Burn, My Star (Gori, gori, moya zvezda), Bulakhov, P.4:02
13. White Acacia (Beloj akatsii grozd'ya dushistye), Matusovsky, M. 3:22
14. Legend of the Twelve Highwaymen (Dvenadtsat' razbojnikov), Russian Folk Song5:50
15. It is Raining Outside (Na ulitse dozhdik), Russian Folk Song4:02
16. If I Could Express in Music (Esli b mog vyrazit' v zvuke), Malashkin, L.2:13
17. Don't Leave Me (Ne ukhodi, pobud' so mnoyu), Zubov, A.3:05
18. The Autumn Wind is Mourning (Zhalobno stonet veter osennij), Russian Folk Song3:03
19. Me, A Young Girl (Ekh, ya li moloda), Russian Folk Song2:42


The repository of Russian popular "urban folk songs", Gypsy songs, and romances is vast and practically inexhaustible. This disc (part of a 3-CD set, along with N75 and N76) samples extensively from this repertoire -- great music for any party or gathering where a "Russian atmosphere" is desired


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