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Antonio Vivaldi - Violin Sonatas -12 Sonatas, Op 2 - Walter Reiter, violin with Cordaria

Antonio Vivaldi - Violin Sonatas -12 Sonatas, Op 2 - Walter Reiter, violin with Cordaria-Viola and Piano-Baroque
ID: SIGCD014 (EAN: 635212001424)  | 2 CD | DDD
Publi: 2000
Signum Records
VIVALDI, Antonio
REITER, Walter
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Traditionally known as the composer of the Four Seasons and the Gloria, the work of Cecilia Bartoli has shown that lesser-known works of the red priest from Venice can become hit records too.
Now Signum Records are delighted to introduce a two disc set on period instruments of the 12 Violin Sonatas, Opus 2. Cordaria features internationally-renowned baroque violinist Walter Reiter, "an artist who transcends authenticity to enter the universal" as one critic wrote, and an eminent continuo team of harpsichord, cello and theorbo.
Written in 1708, just before the 'L'estro armonico' concertos, these sonatas contain all the passion and the virtuosity, all the lyricism and emotion, which have made the concertos so eternally popular. In the words of the great Vivaldi scholar Michael Talbot, "Op. 2 is fully Vivaldian and certainly deserves to take its place among his other masterworks."

CD 1
VIVALDI, Antonio (1678-1741) 
No,1 in G minor 
1. Preludio Andante3:37 
2. Giga Allegro1:53 
3. Sarabanda Largo2:12 
4. Corrente Allegro1:43 
No.2 in A major 
5. Preludio à Capriccio Presto0:36 
6. Presto0:27 
7. Corrente Allegro1:30 
8. Adagio1:08 
9. Giga allegro2:22 
No.3 in D minor 
10. Preludio Andante6:59 
11. Corrente Allegro1:36 
12. Adagio1:18 
13. Giga Allegro1:42 
No.4 in F major 
14. Andante3:40 
15. Allemanda Allegro2:14 
16. Sarabanda Andante3:33 
17. Corrente Presto2:16 
No.5 in B minor 
18. Preludio Andante3:25 
19. Corrente Allegro2:25 
20. Giga Presto1:18 
No.6 in C major 
21. Preludio Andante6:20 
22. Allemanda Presto1:21 
23. Giga Allegro1:54 

CD 2
No.7 in C minor 
1. Preludio Andante2:26 
2. Allemanda Allegro2:29 
3. Corrente Allegro1:33 
No.8 in G major 
4. Preludio Largo3:36 
5. Giga Presto1:59 
6. Corrente Allegro1:14 
No.9 in E minor 
7. Preludio Andante6:01 
8. Cappriccio Allegro1:19 
9. Giga Allegro2:46 
10. Gavotta Presto0:37 
No.10 in F minor 
11. Preludio Largo3:40 
12. Allemanda Allegro2:16 
13. Giga Allegro2:13 
No.11 in D major 
14. Preludio Andante5:37 
15. Fantasia Presto1:27 
16. Gavotta Allegro1:17 
No.12 in A minor 
17. Preludio Largo4:27 
18. Cappriccio Presto1:20 
19. Grave1:47 
20. Allemanda Allegro2:37 


"brilliant, singing violin tone ... this is mature if not sensational playing that brings the music to life"
"in slower movements mixes a clean often sweetly singing line with tasteful ornamentation .... and who in faster ones shows real virtuosity and fire"
Lindsay Kemp, Gramophone
"technically polished .... charismatic baroque violin soloist, he plays with real ardor and gusto"
Magil, American Guide
"Walter Reiter and Cordaria .... play with energy, dash and gusto, pointing Vivaldi's (and their own) piquant rhythms with sweeping ornamentation"
Robert Maxham, Fanfare

"The English virtuoso treats these pages with notable liberty and imagination .... his approach seems to favour the more lively and brilliant aspect of the sonatas"
Giovanni Tasso


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