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D. Shostakovich - St. Petersburg Chamber Orchestra - E. Serov

D. Shostakovich - St. Petersburg Chamber Orchestra - E. Serov-Chamber Orchestra-St. Petersburg Musical Archive
ID: NFPMA9905 (EAN: 4607053326703)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2001
Northern Flowers
St. Petersburg Musical Archive
Chamber Orchestra
SHOSTAKOVICH, Dmitry Dmitriyevich
ROMANOVA, Nina (mezzo-soprano)
St. Petersburg Chamber Orchestra
SEROV, Edward
Andere Infos:

Recorded: Capella Concert Hall, St. Petersburg, 1984, by "Melodiya"
Sound engineer: Felix Gurdzhi. Mastering: Victor Dinov, 2000, St. Petersburg Recording Studio
Design: Oleg Fakhrutdinov, Anastasia Evmenova

CD series “St. Petersburg Musical Archive”
“St. Petersburg Musical Archive” is a series dedicated to St. Petersburg’s 300th anniversary. Many of the works in this series will be CD premieres, and many of the recordings will introduce famous St. Petersburg musicians, composers and ensembles as well as new performing artists. The “St. Petersburg Musical Archive” series includes rediscovering forgotten works - both of the 19th and 20th centuries.
SHOSTAKOVICH, Dmitry Dmitriyevich (1906-1975) 
HAMLET, Music for Shakespeare"s tragedy (1932), Op. 32a - excepts 
1. Introduction and Night Watch2:35 
2. A Flourish and Dance Music2:10 
3. Chase1:42 
4. Actor"s Pantomime1:39 
5. Ophelia"s Song1:43 
6. A Lullaby1:23 
7. Requiem1:46 
8. Fortinbras"s Match2:10 
HUMAN COMEDY, music to the production of H. Balzac"s Play (1934), Op. 37a - excepts 
9. View of Paris2:25 
10. Police Office1:20 
11. Gavotte2:15 
12. Bank of the Seine3:45 
13. March2:05 
KING LEAR, music for Shakespeare"s tragedy (1941), Op. 58a - excepts 
14. Return from the Chase0:48 
15. At the Hut2:00 
16. In Regan"s Castle1:13 
17. The Camp1:20 
18. March1:32 
19. Trumpets1:17 
20. Cordelia"s Ballad4:35 


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