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MEIN ENGEL - Thomas Gabriel - lyrical angel songs

MEIN ENGEL - Thomas Gabriel - lyrical angel songs-Sacred Music
ID: IFO03001 (EAN: 4037102030013)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 2001
IFO Records
Sacred Music
GABRIEL, Thomas (piano)
Dal informace:

At present there is no shortage of angels: a lot of anthologies of poems and other texts as well as recordings of "angel music" demonstrate how fascinating the messengers and guarding powers of the invisible world are again in our days. The compositions by Thomas Gabriel combine poems and music in these songs. They meet the growing demand for "new religious songs" with sophisticated lyrics on the one hand and melodies on the other hand which are neither markedly youthful like the so-called "new spiritual songs" nor as demanding as the avant-garde art song.

For the arrangements Thomas Gabriel selected lyrics by prominent poets of their time which he spontaneously connected with tunes. With intuition he translated them into music stressing the special character of each poem.

The Bishop of Mainz, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, supported this project not only with his interest, but also by supplying several volumes from the extensive lyric collections of his library to select the right poems from.

Therefore the composer wished to dedicate these songs to Lehmann´s 65th birthday on May 16, 2001.
1. An meinen Schutzengel4:26 
2. Es müssen nicht Männer mit Flügeln sein3:19 
3. Führ, mildes Licht2:55 
4. Engel3:32 
5. In Annuntiatione Beatae Virginis2:31 
6. Hohe Boten2:15 
7. Gebet: Ich suche allerlanden eine Stadt4:08 
8. Geistliches Lied3:16 
9. Mein Engel3:31 
10. Alle die Gräber3:19 
11. Fürbitte4:17 
12. Gebet: O Gott, ich voll Traurigkeit4:14 
13. Wie es früher war2:09 
14. Der Ritt4:00 
15. Engel des seligen Schweigens5:04 
16. Näher an Gott geschmiegt4:15 


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