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FOLK DANCES FROM NORTH BULGARIA - Janko SHELYAZKOV, accordion-Folk Music-Traditional
ID: GD268 (EAN: 3800121302680)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2001
Gega New
Folk Music
ZHELYAZKOV, Yanko (accordion)
KOLEV, Emil | MUTAFCHIEV, Stefan | PANAYOTOV, Dobrin | RADANOV, Hristofor | SHOPOV, Angel
Other info:

North Bulgaria has a fascinating folk music, which has been influenced by the neighbouring folk regions and the local culture. Pure folk elements from neighbouring regions often "cross" the provisory boundaries and create curious interrelations with the local traditional culture. The recordings of accordionist Yanko Zhelyazkov included in this release serve as an eloquent illustration of these interrelations. Born in 1945, he comes from the village of Brest, Pleven District, situated by the Danube River. His interest for the accordion was inherited from his father and his uncle, who were both famous accordionists. The greater part of his professional experience (of over 40 years) is connected with the Severnyashki (Northern) Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances - Pleven. Along with his work in the ensemble, he dedicates a great part of his time and efforts to working with amateur choirs and orchestras. This helps him enrich his own repertoire with interesting songs and instrumental melodies from his native region. The release includes his most remarkable recordings of horo dances and rachenitsa, characteristic of North Bulgaria.
1. Kailashko Horo - Arranged by Hristofor Radanov3:06
2. Vitsko Horo - Arranged by Anastas Naumov3:05
3. Plevensko Gankino Horo - Arranged by Hristofor Radanov2:52
4. Sborensko Horo - Arranged by Dimitar Karagyozov3:18
5. Zavrashchanka - Arranged by Hristofor Radanov3:21
6. Cherkezko Horo - Arranged by Bentzion Eliezer2:54
7. Anastassovska Rachenitsa - Arranged by Angel Shopov3:12
8. Zornishko Horo - Arranged by Anastas Naumov1:39
9. Plevenska Rachenitsa - Arranged by Anastas Naumov3:01
10. Somovitsko Horo - Arranged by Hristofor Radanov3:31
11. Duimashka Rachenitsa - Arranged by Dimitar Karagyozov3:39
12. Dabovansko Horo - Arranged by Dimitar Karagyozov2:38
13. Topolarska Ruchenitsa - Arranged by Hristofor Radanov2:39
14. Gigensko Horo - Arranged by Angel Shopov3:07
15. Paidushko Horo - Arranged by Anastas Naumov3:18
16. Ribenska Rachenitsa - Arranged by Anastas Naumov2:56
17. Bachvanka - Arranged by Bentzion Eliezer2:48
18. Brestenska Rachenitsa - Arranged by Bentzion Eliezer2:11
19. Plevensko Horo - Arranged by Anastas Naumov3:47
20. Brestenska Tropanka -Arranged by Ivan Valev2:36
21. Buchimish - Arranged by Angel Shopov3:04
22. Horo "Milkovchanka" - Arranged by Bentzion Eliezer3:31


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