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PIRIN FOLK SONGS - Zdravka and Pirinka Hristovi

PIRIN FOLK SONGS - Zdravka and Pirinka Hristovi-Folk Music-Traditional
ID: GD264 (EAN: 3800121302642)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2000
Gega New
Folk Music
ASSENOV, Radko | ATANASSOV, Kostadin | BOYANOV, Boyan (double-bass) | GANEV, Iliya | GANEV, Todor | IVANOV, Ivan | KRASTEV, Petyo | TRENOVSKI, Metodi (violoncello)
Other info:

Contemporary musical life in Bulgaria creates new musical forms based on folklore. Thеy arouse our curiosity towards the original sources and ancient culture. The present recording of the twin sisters Zdravka and Pirinka Hristovi calls to mind the lasting values from the past. Having grown up in Bansko, a town situated at the foot of the Pirin Mountains (Southwest Bulgaria), they had the chance to pick up its specific local culture. Their musical talent took them to the Higher School of Music and Pedagogy in Plovdiv. After graduating, they become soloists of the Pirin State Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances in Blagoevgrad. Their long-time connection with this famous ensemble ranks them among the best performers of traditional Bulgarian folk music. Together with the Pirin Ensemble, and then with Sofia Singers Folk Choir, the Hristovi sisters have toured many countries worldwide. Currently they are teachers in folk singing at the National High School of the Humanities in the town of Blagoevgrad. This programme is a kind of return back to the roots of Bulgarian folklore and presents the musical traditions of Bansko from the ancient style of singing "na atzane" (a complex vocal technique that few of today's singers have mastered), up to the two-part singing from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. The instrumental accompaniment to the songs, done with artistic taste and a feeling of style, completes the beauty of the melodies and brings genuine pleasure to those who are ready to open their hearts to the charm of the Pirin songs.

Participating artists: Iliya Ganev (tamboura), Todor Ganev (tamboura), Petyo Krastev (tamboura), Ivan Ivanov (kaval), Kostadin Atanassov (bagpipe), Radko Assenov (percussions), Ivailo Ivanov (Peleto) - percussions, tarambuka, Metodi Trenovski (violoncello), Boyan Boyanov (double-bass)
1. Oi, Lenche - Arranged by Iliya Ganev and Petko Krastev2:40
2. Otdolu ide sharena kola - Kostadin Atanassov2:08
3. Pusta mladost - * * *1:57
4. Tsarno mi yoko ergenche - Arranged by Iliya Ganev and Petko Krastev2:55
5. Oro se vie - Arranged by Iliya Ganev and Petko Krastev2:45
6. Slantse se slega da zaide - Arranged by Iliya Ganev and Petko Krastev2:01
7. Mori, tragnali sa le malchi momi - * * *1:58
8. Yubava e bila - Arranged by Iliya Ganev and Petko Krastev4:32
9. Marko Elena yostave - Arranged by Iliya Ganev and Petko Krastev1:17
10. Pustite nashi dve dumi - Arranged by Iliya Ganev and Petko Krastev2:49
11. Stegai se, Rade - * * *1:35
12. Todorche le, libe le - Arranged by Iliya Ganev and Petko Krastev2:05
13. Po drum, mome - Kostadin Atanassov2:06
14. Marko kove - Arranged by Iliya Ganev and Petko Krastev2:17
15. Stani, stani, scherko le - Kostadin Atanassov2:11
16. Trugna moma za voda - Arranged by Iliya Ganev and Petko Krastev2:19
17. Mor'f, Elenko - * * *0:52
18. Vav nedelya stanash mlada nevesta - Arranged by Iliya Ganev and Petko Krastev2:53
19. Da znayat malkite moni - Arranged by Iliya Ganev and Petko Krastev2:52


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