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BACK TO THE BEGINNING-Folk Music-Traditional
ID: GD263 (EAN: 3800121302635)  | 1 CD | DDD
Gega New
Folk Music
KOLEV, Kosta | NAUMOV, Anastas | PANAYOTOV, Dobrin | TODOROV, Hristo
Other info:

In its historical development Bulgaria has undergone many vicissitudes. Great masses of people settled to live on its territory, accepting the traditions of the local people and at the same time influencing their way of life and culture. This resulted in the appearance of specific regions in the country with their own unique, diverse and multi-layered traditions. A region of such specific nature is the northeastern part of the country. Tracing the art of its singers and instrumentalists, we can draw a picture of the musical and folk traditions of the area.
Sonya Kancheva is a renowned singer from Northern Bulgaria and boasts of a beautiful voice and an exceptional repertoire. She has collected and recorded hundreds of songs from her native place which illustrate to a great extent the interaction of local and adopted musical culture.
Since 1951, when she made her first recordings with Radio Sofia, she has recorded over 270 songs, and there are about 500 more in her personal archives. For many years she has been visiting a great number of villages in this region and the songs she collected from there seem to live a new live of their own with her performance. Sonya Kancheva is the first singer from the region of Varna who has revealed to the listeners the fascinating folklore of Northern Bulgaria. She is still a much favoured performer by people of different ages and an example for the younger folk singers.
1. Tez malkite momi - Kosta Kolev3:05 
2. Tankin brat Yanki dumashe - Kosta Kolev5:08 
3. Marko Todorka zalyubi - Philip Koutev2:27 
4. Nared, nared nasyadali - Bentsion Eliezer2:34 
5. Mama Dimitre dumashe - Kosta Kolev4:27 
6. Muri mome munichka -Anastas Naumov3:12 
7. Tenyuvata stara mama - Kosta Kolev5:05 
8. Chereshko le, vishnichko le - - Philip Koutev3:13 
9. Lyube, lyube, parvo lyube - Kosta Kolev2:53 
10. Manuchkinata maichitsa - Kosta Kolev6:01 
11. Ya obyadvai, mamo - Kosta Kolev2:36 
12. Hai da idem, libe le - Philip Koutev2:11 
13. Georgi Zornitse dumashe - Kosta Kolev5:00 
14. A bre loudo, lud gidiyo - Kosta Kolev2:24 
15. Deto slantseto zaliza - * * *3:02 
16. A bre Iliya, luda gidiya -Hristo Todorov2:15 
17. Mari Marino, Marinke - Bentsion Eliezer3:57 


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