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MUSICA SLAVICA - Neva KRYSTEVA, organ-Organ-Organ Collection
ID: GD225 (EAN: 3800121302253)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 2002
Gega New
Organ Collection
CERNOHORSKY, Bohuslav Matej | JANÁČEK, Leoš | KRYSTEVA, Neva | KUCHAR, Jan Krtitel | LINKA, Jiri Ignac | SMETANA, Bedřich | SPASSOV, Ivan
KRYSTEVA, Neva (organ)
Dal informace:

The works included in this release form a brief anthology of organ music by Slavic composers. While the organ was quick to establish its overall presence in the Catholic and Protestant liturgical tradition, East Orthodox music rejects the use of instruments in general. This explains the presentation of the early epoch of organ music in this programme by Polish and Czech Slavic composers mainly, who, belonging to the Catholic tradition, took part in the historic development of European music, lending some regional characteristics to it. The organ was introduced into the works of other Slavic composers during the 20th century, mainly in secular music. The selection for the present CD was made by Neva Krysteva, who is Professor of Polyphony at the Pancho Vladigerov State Academy of Music, Sofia, a theorist of music, and a composer. Ms. Krysteva has given concerts throughout Europe and Asia. Being a performer of an extensive repertoire, she includes Baroque and Romantic music in her programmes, as well as 20th-century works. A number of compositions have been written especially for her and have been dedicated to her. She is founder of the Bulgarian organ school and many of her students perform throughout the world.
Mikolaj z Krakowa 
1. Alia poznanie0:46
2. Hayducki1:17
3. anonimus - Pràeambulum0:41
4. anonimus - Przez Twe Swiete Zmartwychwstanie1:03
5. anonimus - Cantio polonica1:04
Bohuslav Matej Cernohorsky 
6. Toccata C Dur2:54
7. Fugue D Dur1:53
8. Fugue a moll2:13
Jiri Ignac Linka 
9. Pràeambulum C Dur2:07
Jan Krtitel Kuchar 
10. Fantasy g moll7:30
Bedrich Smetana 
Two Preludes from "6 Preludes" 
11. Pastorale1:10
12. Passacaglia1:30
Antonin Dvorák 
13. Praeludium et Fughetta3:41
Leoš Janácek 
14. Postludium from "Glagolitic Mass"2:43
Dmitri Shostakovich 
15. Passacaglia - Interlude from "Katerina Ismailova"op. 296:28
Sofia Gubaidulina 
16. Light and Darkness8:08
Krassimir Kyurkchiisky 
17. Aria6:36
Ivan Spassov 
18. Creation, Death and Resignation6:20
Neva Krysteva 
19. Victimae paschali laudes6:15


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