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APOSTOL NIKOLAEV-STROUMSKY - Liturgy-Cathedral Choir-Sacred Music
ID: GD178 (EAN: 3800121301782)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 1995
Gega New
Sacred Music
Cathedral Choir
KRALEV, Stoyan
Andere Infos:

Prof. Stoyan Kralev is the founder of the Madrigal Choir, whose main objective is to popularise Renaissance and Baroque vocal art, as well as to present the most valuable pieces of Bulgarian and Slavic church singing. The Liturgy in this CD includes basic and traditional chants, arranged according to the canons of East-Orthodox Christianity. The fourteen parts are brilliant choral arrangements by Apostol Nikolaev-Stroumsky based on ages-old melodies and liturgical texts from the respective moments of the religious service. A long-standing chorus-master of the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Nikolaev-Stroumsky harmonized the old tunes with much taste and creative attitude. The Liturgy breathes spiritual elevation and purity, and devotion to God. The choir and the soloists interpret the style of the work with mastery and inspiration.
1. Velikoe slavoslovie (Great Doxology)10:30 
2. Velika ektenia (Great Litany)8:23 
3. Blagoslovi doushe moya Gospoda i malka ektenia (Lord, Bless My Soul and Small Litany)4:24 
4. Slava i Edinorodnii Sine (Glory and One-Begotten Son)2:01 
5. Vo tsarstvii Tvoem (In Thy Kingdom)3:14 
6. Priidite poklonimsya (Thy We Revere)3:44 
7. Suguba ektenia (Litany of Supplication)3:57 
8. Herouvimska pesen i Yako da Tzarya (Cheroubkin and As You Reign)5:07 
9. Veruyu (Credo)5:04 
10. Milost mira, Tebe poem (Mercy of Peace)6:26 
11. Dostoino est (Meet It Is in Truth to Bless You)1:57 
12. Otche nash (Our Father)4:28 
13. Hvalite Gospoda s nebes (Glory to the Lord in the Highest)3:23 
14. Otpust (Final Prayer)5:34 


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