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THEODOSII SPASSOV, kaval - BRATIMENE-Folk Music-Instrumental
ID: GD132 (EAN: 3800121301324)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 1998
Gega New
Folk Music
BARNEV, Darin | NIKOLOV, Vesselin | SPASSOV, Theodosii | TOSKOV, Roumen
DINEV, Boris | DONCHEV, Georgi (double-bass) | DRAGNEV, Nikolai (guitar) | IBRAHIMOVA, Yildiz | KOICHEV, Vesselin (guitar) | LEVIEV, Milcho (piano) | NACHKOV, Radoul (drums) | ONIKIAN, Stefka | PANOV, Docho | PETROV, Peter | SHANOV, Dimiter | SHTEREV, Simeon (flute) | SPASSOV, Theodosii | TOSKOV, Roumen (piano) | VAPIROV, Anatoly | VESSELINOV-ECO, Vesselin (double-bass) | VIDEV, Ognyan (guitar) | YANKULOV, Stoyan (drums)
Ruschuk Trio | Vesselin Nikolov Sextet
Other info:

This third in succession CD of kaval-player Theodosii Spassov, an unusual phenomenon in the music-performing art, is an emanation of love for music and improvisation. At the same time, the term bratimene means spiritual closeness between people of common souls, tastes, moral and aesthetic values. That is why the virtuoso kaval-player and improviser has made a selection of pieces recorded between 1983 and 1998, on different occasions, with different friends from the circle of musicians, poets and artists to which he has always belonged. Some of them are his own compositions that have made him famous. The release presents a unique fusion of folk and jazz music, of bright musical personalities, who perform with an unmatched feeling for ensemble. These are 13 brilliant compositions and performances that bring real aesthetic joy and satisfaction.

Performed by: Theodosii Spassov (kaval and vocals), Vesselin Koichev (guitar), Docho Panov (bass-guitar), Simeon Shterev (flute), Roumen Toskov (piano), Vesselin Vesselinov-Eco (double-bass), Stoyan Yankulov (drums), Milcho Leviev (piano), Peter Petrov (tenor-saxophone), Ruschuk Trio, Vesselin Nikolov Sextet, Yildiz Ibrahimova (vocals), Radoul Nachkov (drums), Boris Dinev (percussions), Ognyan Videv (guitar), Acoustic Version, Anatoly Vapirov (soprano-saxophone), Georgi Donchev (double-bass), Stefka Onikian (vocals), Nikolai Dragnev (guitar), Dimiter Shanov (bass-guitar)
1. Horo with Kaval - music by Darin Barnev5:50
2. Rhodope Song - music by Roumen Toskov4:27
3. Old Wives' Tales - music by Theodosii Spassov6:54
4. Paleontologomania - music by Theodosii Spassov2:57
5. Satin Doll - music by Duke Ellington5:55
6. Pendata - music by Pendata2:29
7. Song about the Couscous - music by Vesselin Nikolov6:20
8. Samba Rachenitsa - music by Darin Barnev4:44
9. Gyurkata - music by Theodosii Spassov5:03
10. A Little Something out of Nothing - music by Theodosii Spassov2:03
11. Rada - folk song4:13
12. For Nicky - music by Theodosii Spassov4:40
13. Christmas Eve with Bells - music by Theodosii Spassov2:52


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