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The History of the Clarinet - in words and music

The History of the Clarinet - in words and music-Music for Clarinet
ID: CC0031 (EAN: 5023581003128)  | 2 CD | DDD
Clarinet Classics
Music for Clarinet
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A 2 CD set with a 60 page illustrated booklet written by the eminent clarinettist and scholar Colin Lawson.
"The History of the Clarinet" is an extended booklet and two CDs of music, tracing the development of the clarinet from the Baroque period to its current prominent position in all forms of music.
Over three centuries, the clarinet has become one of the most popular of instruments - with important roles in chamber and orchestral music, in jazz and as a solo instrument. This clear and authoritative text, written by leading clarinettist Colin Lawson, shows how the instrument attracted the attention of virtuosos and composers, including Anton Stadler, who inspired Mozart, to Richard Mühlfeld, who inspired Brahms.
Lawson also explains how the B flat and A clarinets became dominant, while the bass clarinet, the C and E flat clarinets also adopted key roles. He traces the mechanics of the clarinet from two- and five-keyed designs to the various 13-keyed and Boehm systems.
His text is illustrated by the two CDs. The first focuses on the clarinet itself, featuring all forms of the instrument. The second CD presents virtuosos from the early days of recording with their different sounds and playing styles.
All this makes "The History of the Clarinet" a fascinating document - a must for all clarinet players and enthusiasts.


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