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Dmitry Shostakovich - "Sofia" String Quartet

Dmitry Shostakovich - "Sofia" String Quartet-Quartet-Chamber Music
ID: GD168  | 1 CD | DDD  | Total time: 57:31
Released in: 1994
Gega New
Chamber Music
SHOSTAKOVICH, Dmitry Dmitriyevich
Sofia String Quartet
Other info:

"Sofia" String Quartet has recorded three of the late quartets by the great Russian composer, a brilliant expression of the his talent and sensitivity. Each of them reveals the richness of the composer's creative imagination, demonstrates original solutions of form, structure, modes and metric rhythms. Quartet No. 8 is of programmatic character and is related to one of the leading themes in the music of Shostakovich - the theme of war, anti-humanism and the staunch support of the idea of peace and humanity. Quartets Nos. 10 and 11 are composed for friends of Shostakovich, associated with his personal life and creative career. Of particular interest is No. 11, consisting of 7 movements, each of which with an emotional context present in its title. The performance of the works by "Sofia" String Quartet is remarkable for its technical virtuosity and freedom - each of the four instrumentalists is a superb musician - with a mastery in the rendition of the multitude of nuances and moods, varying from grief and tragic resignation to joyful intoxication, joke and emotional outbursts. A compact disc, which bears evidence to the high professional standards of the "Sofia" Quartet and brings the joy of feeling the magnificence and the shattering power of the music of Dmitry Shostakovich.

Interprets: Sofia String Quartet
V. Valchev, N. Gagov, V. Gerov, K. Bespalov
SHOSTAKOVICH, Dmitry Dmitriyevich (1906-1975) 
String Quartet No. 8 Op. 110 
1. Largo4:15 
2. Allegro molto2:41 
3. Allegretto4:18 
4. Largo5:06
5. Largo3:24 
String Quartet No. 11 Op. 118 
6. Andante4:16 
7. Allegretto furioso4:19
8. Andante5:14 
9. Allegretto8:30 
String Quartet No. 11 Op. 122 
10. Introduction Andantino 2:02 
11. Scherzo Allegretto2:31 
12. Recitative Adagio 1:16
13. Etude allegro1:15 
14. Humoresque Allegro1:11
15. Elegy Adagio4:16 
16. Conclusion Moderato2:51 


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