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Legende -French Music for Harp

Legende -French Music for Harp-Harp-Instrumental
ID: GD152  | 1 CD | DDD  | Total time: 64:03
Released in: 1998
Gega New
FAURÉ, Gabriel | FRANCK, Muarice | PIERNÉ, Gabriel | RENIÉ, Henriette | SALZEDO, Carlos | TAILLEFERRE, Germaine | TOURNIER, Marcel Lucien
RAVNOPOLSKA, Anna-Maria (harp)
Other info:

The release features seven authors of music for harp, closely associated with the French school of composing and the Paris Conservatoire. Among them is the remarkable composer, organist and pedagogue Gabriel Faure and the famous in the first half of the 20th century Germaine Tailleferre who shaped up her style under the influence of impressionism, the ideas of Jean Cocteau about new art and those of the eccentric Eric Satie. Together with the famous composers Arthur Honegger, Darius Milhaud and Francis Poulenc she took part in the group of modern and innovative creators of French music called Les Six. Yet another woman composer is included in the CD, Henriette Renie, the author of Legende, inspired by knight's poetry. Gabriel Peirne is a musician who contributed greatly to French musical life in the first decades of the 20th century and wrote music in all genres. Carlos Salzedo is a famous harpist and propagator of modern art. And Maurice Franck's piece received its world premiere in this performance of Bulgarian harpist Anna-Maria Ravnopolska. Each of the brilliantly selected pieces reveals not only the musician's talent and abilities but also the specific beauty of the harp, an instrument which has preserved its charm to the present day.
SALZEDO, Carlos (1885-1961) 
1. Variations sur un theme dans le style ancient, Op. 309:17 
TOURNIER, Marcel Lucien (1879-1951) 
2. 1 - La Volière magique5:04 
3. 2 - Cloches sous la neige1:56 
4. 3 - La danse du moujik5:56
PIERNÉ, Gabriel (1863-1937) 
5. Impromptu - Caprice, Op. 95:26 
TAILLEFERRE, Germaine (1892-1983) 
Sonate pour Harpe 
6. Allegretto2:52 
7. Lento3:28 
8. Perpetuum mobile3:37
RENIÉ, Henriette (1875-1956) 
9. Légende10:22
FRANCK, Muarice (b.1897) 
Suite pou Harpe (world premiere) 
10. 1 - Prélude2:02 
11. 2 - Scherzo2:45 
12. 3 - Improvisation1:41
13. 4 - Final1:21 
FAURÉ, Gabriel (1845-1924) 
14. Impromptu Op. 867:44 


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