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Radek N. (Němejc) - Session Singing Oblong

Radek N. (Němejc) - Session Singing Oblong-Voice and Guitar-Jazz
ID: NIBIRU0141 (EAN: 8595056601414)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2000
Voice and Guitar
ČÍŽEK, Jan | ŠIMŮNEK, Jan (violin) | ŠTURMA, Antonín | FIEDLER, Dan (piano) | KLIKAR, Pavel (trumpet / piano) | KROUTIL, Petr | NĚMEJC, Radek (drums) | ZAPADLO, Radek | ZELENKA, Petr
Andere Infos:

This live recording came into existence in repopnse to two entirely different stimuli. One came from the idea to preserve the atmopshere of jazz clubs and cellars where enthusiasts - musicians and jazz fans alike - meet to jointly create music of the given moment. The other was provided by Jiří Kolář´s works of art which inspired improvizations on the present CD.
1. You And Night And the Music (B. Swartz)3:54 
2. Four (M. Davis)6:14 
3. Black Narcismus (J. Henderson)3:54 
4. Epistrophy (T. Monk)4:56 
Intermezzo I (Jam session) 
5. How High The Moon (N. Hamilton - M. Levis)5:17 
Intermezzo II (Jam session) 
6. Evidence (T. Monk)3:48 
7. Chelsea Bridge (B. Strayhorn)3:10 
8. Intermezzo III (Jam session)1:41 
9. Rhythm-A-Night (T. Monk)6:16 
10. Chant In The Night (S. Bechet)2:33 
11. Body And Soul (J. Green)9:10 
12. Intermezzo IV (Jam session - Ch. Parker - B. Bonce)1:18 
13. La Casa Blues (J. Šimůnek)3:38 
14. You And Night And the Music (B. Swartz)3:55 
15. Singing Oblong (Jam session)11:01 


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