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N. Paganini - 24 Capricci per violinno solo, Op. 1 - J.Herajnova, violin

N. Paganini - 24 Capricci per violinno solo, Op. 1 - J.Herajnova, violin -Violin-Instrumental
ID: NIBIRU0137 (EAN: 8595056601377)  | 1 CD | DDD
HERAJNOVÁ, Jana (violin)
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All of Paganini´s 24 Capriccios as played by Jana Herajnová, soloist of the Czech Nonet. The violinist´s way of interpretation together with her period Italian gut-stringed violin lend the recording the kind of authenticity that makes you feel like being at an early 19th century salon.

Jana Herajnová (1956) graduated from the Prague Academy of Performing Arts as a student of Prof. Alexandr Plocek (1976-1980). Apart from that, she attended senior courses with Prof. Nathan Milstein in Zurich in 1979. Her own father, headmaster of the Nový Bor school of music, was her first teacher. In 1971, she started attending the Teplice conservatoire under the guidance of Prof. Jiřina Dlouhá. She took part in a number of contests at horne (first prize in the Beethoven Hradec competition in Opava 1971, and the Ševčík Competition in Písek, 1984) and abroad (diploma in the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, 1983, finalist in the Markneukirchen Contest in 1983). She also worked as a music teacher at the conservatoires of Pardubice, Teplice and Prague.
Since 1995, she has been first violinist of the Czech Nonet apart from appearing as a soloist. Featuring prominently in her repertoire are compositions for solo violin (Paganini but also Isaye, Reger, Ernst, Luboš Fišer, Lukáš) and sonatas for violin and piano. As for present-day production, she has presented violin concertos by American composers William Thomas McKinley, John Biggs, and Jerome "David Qoodman (in co-operation with the American com-pany Master Musicians Collective).
Jana Herajnová first performed Paganini's Capricci, a work rarely heard at concerts, in Prague in 1994. The present recording was made in a record time of a mere four days according to Carl Flesh's critical edition. Her authentic instrument (a Felice Beretta violin of 1779) hélps to conjure up what Paganinťs era regarded as the ideál sound.
PAGANINI, Niccolo (1782-1840) 
24 Capricci per violinno solo, Op. 1 
1. Capriccio No. 12:09 
2. Capriccio No. 22:46 
3. Capriccio No. 32:48 
4. Capriccio No. 46:46 
5. Capriccio No. 52:18 
6. Capriccio No. 65:32 
7. Capriccio No. 73:47 
8. Capriccio No. 83:05 
9. Capriccio No. 92:47 
10. Capriccio No. 102:19 
11. Capriccio No. 114:23 
12. Capriccio No. 122:20 
13. Capriccio No. 132:10 
14. Capriccio No. 141:15 
15. Capriccio No. 152:44 
16. Capriccio No. 161:32 
17. Capriccio No. 173:49 
18. Capriccio No. 182:24 
19. Capriccio No. 192:46 
20. Capriccio No. 203:11 
21. Capriccio No. 213:03 
22. Capriccio No. 222:37 
23. Capriccio No. 233:40 
24. Capriccio No. 244:28 
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