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A. Dvořák - The "Lužany" Mass in D major - Three spititual songs - A. Viktora, organ

A. Dvořák - The "Lužany" Mass in D major - Three spititual songs - A. Viktora, organ  -Voice and Organ-Sacred Music
ID: NIBIRU0142 (EAN: 8595056601421)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2001
Sacred Music
Voice and Organ
DVOŘÁK, Antonín
BOSSERT, Christoph (organ) | BREZINA, Jaroslav | CUKROVÁ, Markéta (alto) | GERCHEN, Matthias (bass) | VIKTOROVÁ, Gabriela (soprano)
Ensemble Inégal
Other info:

Dvorak's Mass in D-major, better known in its instrumentation for orchestra, is presented in this recording in its original version featuring a small mixed choir and romantic organ and, what is more, played in the Luzany chateaux chapel, for which it was composed and where it was also performed for the first time. The listener's experience is enhanced by the period-inspired presentation as developed by conductor and organist Adam Viktora, as well as by the natural vocal performance of all members of the Ensemble Inegal. In addition, the CD carries spiritual songs and organ compositions. The disc comprises Dvorak's.
Gabriela Viktorová - soprano (1-9)
Markéta Cukrová - alto (1-6)
Jaroslav Březina - tenor (1-6)
Matthias Gerchen - bass (1-6)
Christoph Bossert - organ (1-6)
Ensemble Inégal
Adam Viktora - conductor
DVOŘÁK, Antonín (1841-1904) 
1. Kyrie4:50 
2. Gloria8:05 
3. Credo9:52 
4. Sanktus1:40 
5. Benedictus6:00 
6. Agnus Dei4:45 
7. Ave Maria3:15 
8. Ave Maria Stela4:22 
9. Hymnus2:40 
10. Preludio re maggiore2:10 
11. Preludio sol maggiore2:17 
12. Preludio la minore3:03 
13. Preludio si maggiore1:42 
14. Preludio re maggiore2:58 
15. Fughetta0:51 
16. Fuga Re maggiore3:40 
17. Fuga Sol minore2:13 


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