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Run, Sing, Fly - Programmatic Music for Alto Sax.and Piano, S. Markham, sax., P. Turner, piano

Run, Sing, Fly - Programmatic Music for Alto Sax.and Piano, S. Markham, sax., P. Turner, piano
ID: CC4005
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Saxophone

R. R. Bennett: Three Piece Suite
C. Debussy: Syrinx for solo flute, arr. for saxophone
P. Dubois: Pieces characteristiques en forme de suite
Paule Maurice: Tableaux de Provence
James Rae: Sonata in Eb for alto saxophone and piano
T. Yoshimatsu: Fuzzy Bird Sonata

Sarah Markham (saxophone) & Paul Turner (piano)

Saxophone Classics Artistic Director Sarah Markham presents her debut CD for the label. This collection of largely programmatic music for saxophone spans musical eras, genres, and countries. The saxophone and piano are required to dance, serenade, mourn, depict fluffy clouds on a summer day, beautiful countryside and birds, as well as “run, sing, fly”.
The saxophone depicts a bird running, singing, and flying in Takashi Yoshimatsu’s Fuzzy Bird Sonata.
Paule Maurice’s music gives us her insight to the countryside of the Provence region of France.
We hear the distinctive flavours of Spain, Russia, France, Hungary, and Paris in Pierre Max Dubois’s suite of characteristic pieces.
Cirrus clouds and the Eurostar train feature in James Rae’s new Sonata - with this its world premiere recording.
Richard Rodney Bennett’s Three Piece Suite cannot fail to charm with its lighthearted fun depiction of a melancholic samba, homage to Scott Joplin, and funk inspired fugal finale.
“Sarah Markham...was formidably impressive... a sustained feat of exuberance... breathed an extraordinary, haunted magic. The most mesmerising thing I’ve heard all year!”
(Michael White, The Independent on Sunday)
“The saxophonist Sarah Markham... was formidable...left me wanting to hear more.”
Paul Driver, Sunday Times)
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SUMMERTIME - Otis Murphy, saxaphone - Haruko Murphy, piano

SUMMERTIME - Otis Murphy, saxaphone - Haruko Murphy, piano
ID: CC4004
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Saxophone

World renowned international soloist Otis Murphy presents his latest CD on the Saxophone Classics label. His flawless tone and incredible technique brings this collection of original works and carefully selected arrangements of music to life. This is a CD for saxophonists and non-saxophonists to enjoy: compelling excellence in the mastery of the saxophone, coupled with a beautiful collection of music for all to enjoy.
The wonderful melodies of Gershwin in Ralph Martino’s arrangement which includes Summertime from where this CD gets its title.
The virtuosity of Murphy’s playing in Pasculli’s non stop whirl of notes that is “The Bee”.
The excitement of a world wide collaboration of great artists in an arrangement of Mozart’s Oboe Quartet featuring Otis Murphy with the Masato Kumoi Saxophone Quartet from Japan.
A live recording of Roberto Molinelli’s incredibly seductive and compelling “Four Pictures from New York”.
Also includes the Sonata by Muczyniski, and “Two Movements” by Waignein”, two compelling works from the repertoire which showcase Murphy’s lyrical sound and exciting performances.

G. Gershwin: Fantasy
Molinelli: Four Pictures from New York
Mozart: Oboe Quartet in F major, K370 (arr. Wakui for saxophone quartet and solo saxophone ), Masato Kumoi Saxophone Quartet

Muczynski: Sonata for Alto Saxophone & Piano, Op. 29
Pasculli: Le Api (arr. Tse)
Waignein: Movements (2)

Otis Murphy (saxophone) & Haruko Murphy (piano), special appearance by The Masato Kumoi Saxophone Quartet
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John Tchicai’s Five Points - One Long Minute - Alex Weiss - Garrison Fewell - Dmitry Ishenko - Ches Smith

John Tchicai’s Five Points  - One Long Minute - Alex Weiss - Garrison Fewell - Dmitry Ishenko - Ches Smith
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Saxophone

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Michael Krein - Saxaphone Quartet - Jack Brymer

Michael Krein - Saxaphone Quartet - Jack Brymer
ID: SC4003
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Instrumental
Subcollection: Saxophone

This CD consists of tracks from the BBC broadcasts (reproduced by kind permission) and transfers from the Canon Records LP.
Jack Brymer, England’s most eminent clarinettist, was also a great communicator. In the six decades following WW2 he built up a reputation as a raconteur, being able to call upon his lifetime of experiences at the top of a rather esoteric profession. During the 1970’s he found time to host a number of DJ style broadcasts exhibiting his deep mellifluous voice and a wealth of entertaining anecdotes. Having played Principal Clarinet in all the major London orchestras and under the baton of every conductor known to mankind, few people knew of Jack Brymer’s ability on the jazz platform and even fewer were aware of his fluency on the saxophone. One series of broadcasts was of him talking about the saxophone quartet. He demonstrated his love of light classical music by playing with the Michael Krein Saxophone Quartet, taking the role of its deceased founder and leader. These programmes were so successful that the quartet was asked to make a record. This compilation is dedicated to the memories of Michael Krein, Jack Brymer, Gordon Lewin, Norman Barker and Chester Smith - all masters of their art.
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Kim Nazareto's BIG-BAND

Kim Nazareto's BIG-BAND
ID: RDCD00702
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Piano and Double-bass

K. Nazaretov - (2-4, 7, 8, 13);
V. Kutov - (5,6,10,16);
M Kazlaev - (11);
Y. Kinus - (9,14, 15);
A. Mordasarov - (12).

K. Nazaretov (piano) - 1, 3;
Vl. Popov (alto saxophone) - 2, 4, 9;
E. Bakhman (tenor saxophone) - 2;
E. Gamov (baritone saxophone) - 2;
Vic. Popov (tenor saxophone) - 3, 14;
E. Gnezdilov (tenor saxophone) - 4;
I. Mishura (baritone saxophone) - 4;
Y. Ushakov (trumpet) - 4;
M. Levin (drums) - 4, 7;
I. Shumeiko (voice) - 5;
A. Kirnichny (tenor saxophone) - 6, 10, 15;
G. Grechuchin (tenor saxophone) - 7;
K. Delanyan (soprano saxophone) - 7;
N. Ioannisyan (piano) - 7, 12;
I. Egorov (double bass) - 7;
Ya. Kyulyan (trombone) - 8;
P. Ovchinnikov (trombone) - 9;
Larisa Dolina (voice) - 11;
V. Barilov ( guitar) - 13;
A. Kutov (piano) - 6,10.
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When I'm Gone - J. Harle, soprano sax. - National Youth Choir of Great Britain and Laudibus

When I'm Gone - J. Harle, soprano sax. - National Youth Choir of Great Britain and Laudibus
ID: DCD34026
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Choir

John Harle, Soprano saxophone
National Youth Choir of Great Britain and Laudibus - Mike Brewer

Allain has developed a unique musical dialect malleable enough to cover the gamut of liturgical purposes represented on this disc. Whether refracted through the facets of spiritual, carol, motet or Mass setting, his is a music that can only be added to the list of languages from which we should all take inspiration.

Saxophonist John Harle joins Scottish soprano Susan Hamilton and Delphian artist Matthew Owens in these bold works, which are at once heartrending and uncompromising. Whether refracted through the varied generic possibilities of spiritual, carol, motet or Mass, Richard Allain has developed a musical dialect malleable enough to cover the gamut of liturgical purposes represented on this disc. With advocates such as these, Allain’s music cannot fail to make a lasting impression.

Track listing
R. Allain
1 Salve Regina Double choir
2 At Night I Seek the One My Spirit Loves Soprano, soprano saxophone & organ
3 Bow Down Thine Ear, O Lord (Psalm 86) Choir & semi-chorus

Three Spirituals
4 Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel? SATB choir
5 It’s Me, O Lord Double choir & semi-chorus
6 Don't You Weep When I'm Gone SATB choir & semi-chorus

Missa Brevis SA choir & organ
7 Kyrie
8 Gloria
9 Sanctus
10 Benedictus
11 Agnus Dei

Two Christmas Carols
12 A Babe is Born SSATB choir
13 Coventry Carol Double choir & semi-chorus
14 Improperia Double choir & semi-chorus
15 Memento Homo Soprano saxophone & organ
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The Coral Sea - S. McKenzie, saxophone - I. Sawers piano

The Coral Sea - S. McKenzie, saxophone - I. Sawers piano
ID: DCD34121
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Saxophone

Sue McKenzie saxophone
Ingrid Sawers piano

A Robert Mapplethorpe photograph and the playing style of Busoni's favourite clarinettist - just two of the inspirations behind these six recent British works for saxophone and piano, which are linked by the composers' relationship to popular music, whether oblique, overt, or antagonistic.

From the pounding muscularity of Graham Fitkin to the blues-drenched melancholy of Mark-Anthony Turnage, Edinburgh duo Sue McKenzie and Ingrid Sawers bring stylistic authority and idiomatic flair to everything they play on this, their debut recording.

Sue McKenzie is a past winner of the British Clarinet and Saxophone Society Young Performers Competition. As one of Scotland's leading contemporary saxophonists she has given UK and Scottish premieres of many new works for saxophone, including those from Gavin Bryars, Graham Fitkin and Amy Quate. Susan is also the leader of the Scottish Saxophone Ensemble and was an Assistant Director of the World Saxophone Congress in 2012.

Ingrid Sawers is in demand as one of Scotland's finest accompanists and chamber musicians, performing in venues including the Usher Hall, Glamis Castle and Scone Palace, as well as widely throughout the UK and abroad.

Track listing

Gabriel Jackson (b. 1962) The Coral Sea*
1 Prologue
2 Voyage
3 Litany

Graham Fitkin (b. 1963)
4 Gate

Nikki Iles (b. 1963)
5 Alma Venus

Graham Fitkin
6 Glass

Mark-Anthony Turnage (b. 1960) Two Memorials
7 Trier
8 Memorial

Gavin Bryars (b. 1943)
9 Allegrasco*

Total playing time [58:55]
* Premiere recordings
12.00 eur Temporarily out of stock

ASCENSION - All song by Dmitry YAKOVLEV, acoustic piano

ASCENSION - All song by Dmitry YAKOVLEV, acoustic piano
ID: ART365
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Jazz
Subcollection: Saxophone

All compositions - Dmitry Yakovlev
Dmitry Yakovlev - acoustic piano
Anton Zaletaev - flute (3,5,7,9), recorder (7),
- soprano saxophone (1), tenor saxophone (12)
Peter Vostokov - flugelhorn (9,12)
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SHORT CUTS - Apollo Saxophone Quartet

SHORT CUTS - Apollo Saxophone Quartet
ID: QTZ2012
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Instrumental
Subcollection: Saxophone

The Apollo Saxophone Quartet's vibrant and energetic exploration of portugese music is full of unexpected treasures. Encompassing a kaleidoscopic range of styles, including classical, rock, post-minimalist, jazz and experimental influences, this is one of the most colourful discs to be recently released on Quartz.

Short Cuts

Luis Tinoco - Short Cuts
(Commissioned with funds made available by The Arts Council of England North West)
My main purpose is to play with two possible meanings for "short cuts". That is, both with the idea of sharp and cutting musical gestures and the idea of taking a different, shorter, path to reach a specific destination. LuisTinoco

Luis Tinoco (b.1969, Lisbon) attained his First Degree in composition at the Escola Superior de M? de Lisboa where he studied under Ant󮩯 Pinho Vargas and Christopher Bochmann. He was then awarded scholarships by the Centro Nacional de Cultura and, later on, by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to complete a Masters degree in composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London, where he studied with Paul Patterson. Tinoco lectures in Composition and Analysis at the Escola Superior de M. de Lisboa. He wrote and presented A Century's Score - a 20th / 21st century music program for the RDP-Portuguese Radio Broadcast - from 2000 to 2003, and he is now the author of a new program, The Sound's Geography. He is also a founder and member of the Artistic Direction for the contemporary music ensemble OrchestrUtopica.

Carlos Azevedo - Sun Flower

The title "Sun Flower" is purely descriptive. My goal was to create ambiences that could be related to light and shadow, by using light and dark sonorities. The contrast between faster and slower gestures creates an idea of gradual movement from darkness to luminosity. In the sunflower's search for light, the piece derives a sense of purpose and drama. Carlos Azevedo

Carlos Azevedo (b.1964, Vila Real) studied composition at the Escola Superior de M. e Artes do Espectaculo in Porto and with George Nicholson at Sheffield University, where he received his MPhil in composition. Since 1997, Azevedo has been active as composer, conductor and pianist for the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra. He is also leader of the Carlos Azevedo Ensemble and, as a jazz pianist, he has performed all over Portugal. His work In Motion was played by the Porto Symphony Orchestra in honour of Porto being the European Cultural Capital for 2001. He is currently a teacher of Analysis at the Escola Superior de Me Artes do Espectaculo in Porto.

Christopher Bochmann - Movements

Each movement is little more than a miniature. One, three, four and seven provide the backbone to the work: their duration is controlled and they define the underlying direction that moves from an immovable sustained music to a frenetically mobile music. The first movement is an introduction, a presentation of the germ-material. The second is an Alto solo, outlining many of the possible implications of this material. The third and fourth are of an almost canonic rigour. The fifth explores certain consonances that emerge from the material. The sixth provides a link between the fifth and seventh: it is improvisational in spirit but prepares the freneticism of the final movement. Christopher Bochmann

Christopher Bochmann (b.1950, Chipping Norton) was a chorister at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, and then went on to Radley College. He studied privately with Nadia Boulanger in Paris before going up to New College, Oxford, where he worked with David Lumsden, Kenneth Leighton and Robert Sherlaw Johnson. He was also a pupil of Sir Richard Rodney Bennett in London. Bochmann has taught in Britain and in Brazil, and since 1980 has lived and worked in Lisbon, Portugal. He is Head of Composition at the Escola Superior de M de Lisboa, of which he was also Director from 1995 to 2001. In 2003, he published the first treatise on Harmony in the Portuguese language for over fifty years (A Linguagem Harmónia do Tonalismo). As a composer he has won a number of prizes including the Lili Boulanger Award (twice) and the Clements Memorial Prize. In 1999, he received the degree of Doctor of Music from Oxford University.

Joao Madureira - Loop

Loop, is the name of a small sax quartet based on a constantly shifting harmonic puzzle, giving the impression of a never ending process - which comes suddenly to an end. Joao Madureira

Joao Madureira (b.1971, Lisbon) graduated in Composition Studies at the Escola Superior de Musica de Lisboa in 1994, where his composition masters were António Pinho Vargas and Christopher Bochmann. In 1995 Madureira attended Franco Donatoni's classes in Siena and between 1997 and 2000 he graduated in Composition at the Hochschule fur Musik? where he studied with York Holler. Finally, he studied with Ivan Fedele at the Conservatoire Nationale de Musique de Strassbourg until June 2003. Between 1998 and 2000 he benefited from a scholarship granted by the Centro Nacional de Cultura in Lisbon. In October 1998 Madureira's work Poem? was awarded the ACARTE / Maria Madalena Azeredo Perdig Prize, of the Gulbenkian Foundation. In 2003 he was invited to be composer-in-residence at the OrchestrUtopica. Joao Madureira teaches Composition Graduation Courses at both the Escola Superior de M? de Lisboa and the Escola Superior de Musica e Artes do Espectaculo do Porto.

Mario Laginha - Is this a Fugue?

Is this a fugue? Yes, it is.

Actually, it's the result of a great attraction that I have for this technique. As in other fugues I have written, I have tried to place this one in a musical universe that flirts with jazz but doesn't pretend to be jazz. Mario Laginha

Mario Laginha (b. 1960 Lisbon) studied classical music at the National Conservatory where his teachers included Jorge Moyano and Carla Seixas and subsequently received the Bach and the Teresa Vieira Awards. Jazz, however, has been always his main love. He has played with musicians such as Julian Arguelles, Wayne Shorter, Ralph Towner, Dino Saluzzi, Manu Katch, Django Bates, Bernardo Sassetti, Pedro Burmester and Trilok Gurtu. As a composer and musician Laginha has been very closely linked to singer Maria Joao together they have made eight albums and have played in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Over the past 10 years Mario Laginha has written for the Metropolitan Lisbon Orchestra, N.D.R Hamburg Big Band, Drumming, Remix Ensemble, Porto Symphonic Orchestra, and has recorded twelve albums.

Christopher Bochmann - Essay XIII (Rob Buckland - solo alto saxophone)

The first part is a sort of Moto Perpetuo based on a 7-note figure, with a lot of timbre trills. It reaches its climax with a sequence of multiphonics. The second part provides a contrast, with its long expressive cantabile sounds. This central part can be seen to be divided in four sections: the first sings in a middle register; the second hovers around a low E; the third explores the instrument?s high register; the fourth returns to the atmosphere of the first. The third and last part is a free development of all the musical material heard in the first two parts. There is no recapitulation as such although there are clear references to the material of the opening music. Christopher Bochmann

Pedro Moreira - 12 Tones in a Row

12 Tones in a Row is a short piece using basic serial procedures. The various melodic forms are intended to be very easily recognizable. There are several improvised sections. In these improvisations the resulting sonority still consists of 12 note aggregates. Like other forms of "harmonic" improvisation, the challenge is to find a place somewhere between freedom and restriction. After the introduction, more lyrical in character, the piece has a relaxed, playful feeling. Like a child playing with notes. In this case, 12 notes. Pedro Moreira

Pedro Moreira (b.1969, Lisbon). In 1985 Pedro Moreira performed extensively in Portugal's Jazz festivals and also toured the United States, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Mozambique, South Africa and the Ivory Coast. With his band he recorded Luandando (Movieplay), with Freddie Hubbard. He has also studied classical saxophone, theory and acoustics at the Lisbon National Conservatory. In 1996 he moved to New York. In 1998 he attained a Bachelor's degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music at the New School University. In 2000 he completed a Master's degree in Classical Composition at the Mannes College of Music. In 1998 Moreira received the Down Beat Music Student Award, in the categories of "Best Jazz Group" and ?Outstanding Performance". He has collaborated as musical assistant in Herbie Hancock's Gershwin's World (Verve) and Wayne Shorter's Alegria (Verve). In 2000 the Stuttgart Philharmonic performed one of his orchestrations, commissioned by the German group Tango Five. He has also performed with Dave Liebman, Joe Chambers, Bobby Short, Benny Golson & Eddie Henderson.

Christopher Bochmann - Lampoons (2004) for Tenor Saxophone
(Andy Scott - solo tenor saxophone)

The title Lampoons is suggested by the characteristic exaggeration that is common to most aspects of the piece. The first movement gravitates towards one particular note which is repeatedly presented with different melodic arabesques, not unlike a muezzin's call to prayer. The second movement is a presentation of some extended techniques that border on mere "effect", thus denuding the musical argument of much of its subtlety. The third movement is a frenzied exploration of the virtuosic side of instrumental technique, at the end of which the player and the drama of the music are left drained. Nothing is left for more than a coda by suggestion. Christopher Bochmann

Pedro Moreira - Lola Bye

Brahms was a master of counterpoint and melodic fluency. In this piece, melodic fluency is taken to an extreme, consisting mainly of variations of interval class 1 (the semi-tone in all of its transformations). It could also represent those parents trying to sing Wiegenlied, but getting angry because the baby won?t fall asleep. Pedro Moreira

Bernardo Sassetti - Smoking Aria

All airports have a smoking area. This one is a smoking ?aria? where people meet, smoke starts twisting in the air and everybody starts dancing like crazy. Smoking Aria is based on a traditional Brazilian rhythm known as the Bai you might feel inspired to picture yourself smoking away on a huge Brazilian cigar! My idea was to build a very specific groove and develop variations throughout the piece. Personally the most interesting passages are when the music deconstructs itself into different parts, rhythms and accents. But all these parts (paths) lead to the same road (the main groove and melody). Bernardo assetti

Bernardo Sassetti (b.1970, Lisbon) began as a classical pianist but later devoted himself to Jazz, Horace Parlan and Sir Roland Hanna. He started his professional career in 1987, showcased in the Carlos Martins quartet and the Moreiras Jazztet. He has played with Andy Sheppard, Art Farmer, Kenny Wheeler, Freddie Hubbard, Paquito D?Rivera, Benny Golson, Curtis Fuller, Eddie Henderson, Charles McPherson, Steve Nelson, the United Nations Orchestra and in the quintet of Guy Barker. Recently, he formed a duo with pianist and composer Mario Laginha. Recordings as a leader include "Salsetti" (1994) and "Mundos" (1996), as well as in his Suites "Ecos de Africa", "Sons do Brasil" and "Suite Iberica". Bernardo has also been extremely active as a film composer. He recently participated in the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley dir. Anthony Minguella, recording My Funny Valentine and Tu Vuo? Fa L'Americano with Matt Damon, Jude Law and Fiorello, and You Don't Know What Love Is with the Scottish singer John Martyn. He also co-wrote with Guy Barker, a series of compositions to be premiered at the world openings of this movie held in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Paris, London and Rome.
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Herman Lukyanov and his Kadans - Stable Quantity

Herman Lukyanov and his Kadans - Stable Quantity
ID: ART214
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Saxophone

Live in Minsk
13.00 eur Buy

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